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5 minutes
Onion Website, VPN, and Tor: All You Need to Know

The Deep Web Webs that search engines cannot index. Tor is so far the largest Tor proxy network. Before we proceed to the .onion site list, you need to understand how to use a VPN with Tor to secure your connection and protect your privacy in the first place. VPN and Tor to access .onion […]

4 minutes
How to Encrypt Your Internet Traffic in 2022

There are many reasons why we should encrypt our internet traffic. Many of the steps we can take to protect ourselves from being tracked online are free, while others will cost us a few dollars. By utilizing several virtual tools that are practical and easy to get, we can encrypt their internet traffic. Why Should […]

5 minutes
How to Back Up Your Files and Encrypt Them Safely

Better to Be Safe than Sorry! All of us are guilty of accumulating a large quantity of data in the form of emails, pictures, documents, chats, and videos. We are naive to think that they are safe just because they are in our possession. But what if we lose our device or there’s a technology […]

5 minutes
What is Router IP Address and How to Find It?

Your router IP address, are you clued up on what it is exactly and how you go about finding it? It is basically a unique number that is assigned to all devices. For example phones, computers, and tablets when they are connected to the internet. Your IP address is a very unique selection of numbers. […]

5 minutes
Beginners Guide to Port Forwarding for PS4

HOW DO YOU PORT FORWARD YOUR PS4? You’ve just gotten a new PS4 game, and you are all hyped up sitting with your controller ready to start playing. However, it soon becomes apparent that you can’t connect to the gaming servers, or you might be connected but your game is constantly lagging. There’s a simple […]

11 minutes
How to Check If Your Phone is Hacked?

HOW TO TELL IF YOUR PHONE IS HACKED? What would we do without our mobiles? Some of us if not most of us dread the thought of anything happening to them but are we actually being careful enough to prevent something from happening?! You probably don’t even realize it but you are exposing your phone […]

6 minutes
How to Protect Your IP Address from Hackers?

WHAT CAN SOMEONE DO IF THEY GAIN ACCESS TO MY IP ADDRESS? In order to send and receive information online, an IP address is essential! It’s extremely valuable to hackers. They would love to get their hands on your IP in order to steal valuable information from you. If a hacker is successful in finding […]

7 minutes
VPN Router Setup Tutorial in 2022

A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE ON HOW TO INSTALL A VPN ONTO YOUR ROUTER! It’s actually quite easy to install a VPN on your routers. Having one installed can unlock new advantages that you may not have expected. WHAT EXACTLY IS A VPN ROUTER? Although a lot of the standard WiFi routers allow VPN traffic to pass […]