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What is WebRTC?

Web real-time communication (WebRTC) is an open-source feature in many web browsers and mobile applications that support real-time communication such as video and voice calling, data transfer, and other tasks without the need of any third-party plugin or apps installations. It simply allows the web browser to perform a fast peer-to-peer communication activity through application programming interfaces(APIs).

Benefits of WebRTC includes:

  • 1. Reduce lag-time for live streaming, video or audio call and file sharing
  • 2. vailable for both desktop and mobile applications
  • 3. Free open source for personal and commercial use
  • 4. It offers better visual and sound quality.

How does a WebRTC leak affect my privacy online?

A WebRTC leak is when your public IP address is exposed via your web browser’s WebRTC functionality. The problem is that the WebRTC must obtain your public IP address and this reveals your device’s operation system, location and internet service provider. WebRTC identifies your real IP address by using Interactive Connectivity Establishment Protocol (ICE) and here are the two protocols and how they put your information at risk.

Host candidate discovery

Most devices IP addresses usually are hidden from websites and STUN/TURN servers through firewalls. However, host candidate discovery can trick your browsers to expose IP addresses by reading them of your device.

STUN/TURN servers

STUN/TURN servers establish two functionalities in WebRTC: 1. It allows two or more devices to communicate with one another even behind the type of Network Address Translation (NAT) firewall. 2. It allows WebRTC to identify your IP address. This is the key reason why it can affect your privacy.

Browsers that are most vulnerable to WebRTC leaks:

Common web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge have WebRTC enabled by default. Therefore, those are most vulnerable to WebRTC leaks.

How does VPN Proxy Master prevent WebRTC leaks?

VPN Proxy Master team works hard to ensure its app keeps you away from WebRTC leaks. When you visit a new web page while connected to VPN Proxy Master, your IP address will not be revealed. You are fully protected even though are browsing on different browsers or platforms. VPN Proxy Master engineers team rapidly keeping up their skills to constantly improve on the product and develop any necessary fixes.

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