What is a VPN?

A VPN is the acronym for Virtual Private Network. This technology is used for ciphering the internet connection. It helps to protect your private information and transmit it confidentially between two different locations.

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Your Internet connection without a VPN

When you are browsing without a VPN, your location can be accessed and known by anyone. Unfortunately, you can never access the websites content that are banned or restricted in your region.

Your Internet connection with a VPN

When you start using a VPN, you can access the blocked sites easily as the VPN shows a location of yours different from your actual one.

Without VPN

With VPN Proxy Master

6 Purposes of using VPN Proxy Master

  • Hide your IP and browser anonymously

    By connecting to a VPN, you can hide your IP address and location. VPN Proxy Master has over 6000 secure servers across 40 countries and we do not keep records of your VPN browsing activities.

  • Secure your devices

    Our VPN uses strong 256-bit encryption to protect your data. Your passwords, emails, bank details and other sensitive information are protected even though you are using public Wi-Fi from airports or cafes.

  • Access all your favourite content

    VPN Proxy Master helps you to bypass geo-blocking so that you can access restricted online content. Get the full access to Netflix, Disney+, or binge-watch BBC. The possibilities are endless! You will also be able to watch your favourite live sports events.

  • Access websites and apps

    Easily unblock sites and services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, YouTube,and Gmail.

  • Avoid spying and throttling

    Protect your privacy from hackers. With VPN Proxy Master protecting your online activity, no one can read or access your data. We ensure that your browsing activities, video streaming and web history are private at all times.

  • Cost Saving

    Avoid price hikes based on your location. By using a VPN to change your IP address and switch your server location, you can find cheaper deals on flights, vacation packages, and other goods and services.

When do you need VPN Proxy Master

  • Business

    VPN gives you an additional layer of security protection to firmly safeguard your personal and business information (credit card details, financial data) online!

  • Education

    VPN bypasses geo-restriction at a lightning fast speed to allow students to access relevant education, research content or news

  • Holiday

    VPN provides you with public Wi-Fi protection and strengthens your network security. You can stay safe and level up your anonymous online browsing experience while enjoying your holiday.

  • Entertainment

    VPN helps gamers to earn additional rewards and at the same time ensures their online privacy safety. Furthermore, it helps gamers to widen the stage for their gaming competition across the world.

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