Why you need VPN Proxy Master for iPhone and iPad?

To protect your online privacy with AES 256-bit encryption
To protect your online privacy with AES 256-bit encryption
To connect with friends and the world with 6000+ servers over 50 countries
To connect with friends and the world with 6000+ servers over 50 countries
To accelerate and smooth your internet experience
To accelerate and smooth your internet experience

How to use VPN Proxy Master on iPhone and iPad?


1. Subscribe to VPN Proxy Master


2. Download VPN Proxy Master on the Apple Store


3. Select a server from 6000+ servers you like

Everything you need to know about VPN Proxy Master

There are plenty of reasons to choose VPN Proxy Master as your online escort.

Protect your online privacy at working place and school
Are you worried about someone is cyberstalking and decrypting your personal information, IP Address, browsing history, passwords, or even your transaction record? Now it's time to eliminate these troubles. VPN Proxy Master will protect your online privacy in every aspect. No matter whether you are at working place, school, or home, VPN Proxy Master protects your online privacy in every aspect. Our key features, including AES 256-bit encryption, a no-log policy and more are aimed to protect your online privacy.

Unfold your way of productivity and connection
Sometimes a limited and slow internet connection could really decelerate your productivity. That is, you need a reliable, stable and speedy internet connection to boost your productivity and improve your ways of connection. The consistent speed provided by VPN Proxy Master gives you the peace of mind to work and study in a concentrated way. Our 6000+ servers in 50+ countries allow you to contact and connect with people anytime, anywhere on all the sites including Facebook, Zoom, Whatsapp, Gmail, and much more.

Access to any website and content you've always wanted to reach
It's time to take back your control of internet access. With over 6000 servers in 50+ countries, VPN Proxy Master gives you a refreshing way to experience the internet. You can unblock all geo-blocked content and websites anytime, anywhere at a consistent speed by using VPN Proxy Master. You can unblock all the contents and websites including Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, ESPN and much more. Watch your favorite movies, shows, dramas, live sports and more anytime with VPN Proxy Master.

Play your favorite games without speed and geo-blocked limitations
Are you still troubled by IP bans, DDoS attacks, or ISP throttling? Subscribe to VPN Proxy Master and stop worrying about that! VPN Proxy Master not only allows you to enjoy an ultra-fast internet connection for gaming, but also helps you to bypass IP bans, avoid DDoS attacks or ISP throttling, and much more. You can even get access to the newest games before the official launch in your home country by choosing a regional server you want to reach. Subscribe to VPN Proxy Master to upgrade your gaming experiences in just a few steps.

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    5 stars. They are very good!! My school has blocked Snapchat and one day I got to school and my friend sent me a Snapchat!!! And I said uhhh the stupid school blocked Snapchat!! Well then I thought hmmm I have VPN Proxy Master. So I went to the app and it helped so much all I have to do is connect and plus my school has really bad connection and they block a lot of things because of drama!! So I definitely recommend this app!!!

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    THANK GOD!!! A VPN app that’s not straight trash. User friendly, perfect protection and an all around great app! 0-100 technology skill level, it doesn’t matter this app is for you!!! A little on the pricey side but break it down 70$ divided by 365 is only... 19 cents a day. Just think about that next time a hacker decides to steal your identity because you were not protected while you were surfing the web. Thank you guys! Keep up the good work.

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    Great app for blocking pop ups! Sometimes I forget to to turn this on when I’m using, what I think, is a secure network through Fios. Then I get some unwanted junk filtering through. I turn on this app, and I can browse again without interference! I know my privacy is protected better than it is without the app. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use VPN Proxy Master on my iPhone and iPad?
The answer is always yes and YES. It's necessary to download a VPN for your cybersecurity on your iPhone and iPad. Nowadays cybercrimes such as malware, phishing, spam are rampant and your iPhone and iPad are the hackers' targets. That's why you need a VPN Proxy Master to protect your online privacy. Our AES 256-bit encryption and no log privacy ensure you that your IP address, browsing history, online transaction, and personal information will be encrypted and sealed under the protection from VPN Proxy Master.
Is it worth having a VPN on my iPhone and iPad besides the protection of my online privacy?
Can I use VPN Proxy Master on both my iPhone and iPad?
Does VPN Proxy Master have a free trial?

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    Why choose VPN Proxy Master?

    • Based in Singapore

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    • DNS and IP leak protection

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    • No log policy

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