How to use Smart DNS

Last updated: 2022/06/02
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You can access restricted streaming content on your SmartTV by setting up a Smart DNS address.

By setting a Smart DNS address on your devices, you can access the streaming content you need beyond geographical restrictions.

How to Configure Smart DNS

Step 1: Log in to your account on VPN Proxy Master's official website and visit the account dashboard to view my Smart DNS

Accessing the Account Dashboard is made possible

Step 2:  Select the DNS address that corresponds to the service that you intend to unlock:
Hulu US Address
Netflix US address
Netflix UK Address

Step 3:  Then, you may proceed to set up your Smart TV. Kindly refer articles below for more details:

The DNS address listed in the Account Dashboard can now be implemented on your preferred devices. See related articles for the respective devices:

Apple TV3
Apple TV4
LG SmartTV
Samsung SmartTV

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