Configuring SmartDNS to enable VPN on AppleTV 4

Last updated: 2022/06/02
How-to Guide2 minutes

Please sign in to your account and activate your IP address. You will receive a SmartDNS address. Then, follow the steps below to complete the setup:

It is advisable to save your original DNS settings before making any other changes. You may need them if you want to switch back to your original settings.

AppleTV 4

After completing the only requirement above, you can now head over to your AppleTV 4. The following steps will help you to apply the VPN Proxy Master SmartDNS via AppleTV 4:

Step 1 of 6: From the home screen of your AppleTV 4 – Select Settings

Step 2 of 6: Select Network

Step 3 of 6: Under Connection Select the Wi-Fi that is being used by your AppleTV 4 and selects the Wi-Fi

Step 4 of 6: Open the Wi-Fi menu, scroll down to Configure DNS, and select Manual mode
*Note: Manual mode refers to settings that are made manually by yourself

Step 5 of 6: Continue with adding the DNS* within the DNS Address screen and confirm with Done
*Note: The SmartDNS address you received at the beginning (under the Account Dashboard)

Step 6 of 6: Head to the System menu under Setting and select Restart

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