How to change your location and IP address in 2022

Last updated: 2022/04/15
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Have you ever thought of faking your location online? It is a normal practice when you want to access some services on the internet, but you are facing restrictions. Your Internet Protocol (IP) address serves as your online identity. What is IP address? Your IP address is what your internet provider looks at to identify which part of the continent you are. It's convenient to have a service that allows you to change your location online anytime you want, but how does one go about doing so? Fortunately, virtual private networks could help you to solve this problem. VPN allows you to alter your location to practically anywhere globally!

What is IP Address?

When a computer or other device connects to a local or wide area network, it is identified by its IP address. Internet Protocol, or simply "IP," is a collection of rules that govern how data is structured and transported over a local network and the internet. Information may be transmitted between devices connected to a network using an IP address. An IP address is an identifier for each device on the network that comprises geolocation data and allows the equipment to be made accessible for communication. The internet must discriminate between computers, routers, and websites, and there must be a way to do so. The functionality of the internet is thus dependent on the use of IP addresses.

There are two types of IP addresses:

Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPV4)

In this IP address, four two- or three digits are separated by periods in the addresses of the service provider. For example, is an IPV4 address.

Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPV6)

IPV6 is somewhat lengthier and includes both letters and numbers separated by colons. Because the number of IPv4 addresses is running out, IPv6 is being deployed. Compared to IPv4, the routing and data flow are more efficient, and the security is enhanced. Although still in widespread use, IPv4 is becoming more obsolete, and the transition to IPv6 is not without its difficulties.

IP addresses aren't given out randomly. The five regional internet registries (RIRs) throughout the globe are responsible for allocating IP addresses to internet service providers in their respective regions, with the help of the nonprofit Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).

Here is Why You Should Hide Your IP Address

An IP search may reveal a great deal about you if someone has access to your public IP address. As a result, there are many applications for IP location changers.

To enjoy Freedom of Speech

Anyone who concerned about their privacy on the internet will find it necessary to disguise their IP address. It is especially important for journalists reporting sensitive issues. Also, anybody else who is concerned about their whereabouts being found on the internet.

To stay Private

Although you do not have to log in to the internet, however, your IP address acts as your online identification. It allows websites and other parties to keep track of your online actions. What's more, they won't do anything if you conceal your IP address.

To circumvent geo-blocking restrictions and censorship

Many countries and organizations impose censorship and geo-blocking restrictions on public from accessing the internet. Why? The main reasons is because of firewall restrictions, which prohibit you from accessing the internet at your leisure (such as social media). By changing your location, you are able to avoid these restrictions and browse with total independence. That is to say, you could unblock all content and websites from anywhere.

To Compare Online Shopping Prices

Certain websites charge different rates based on where the visitor originates from. This is known as geolocation pricing. The ability to change your IP address will allow you to traverse the globe in quest of the best offer once you learn how to do so.

What can someone do with your IP address?

As you are aware, your IP address is critical to your security. We certainly include it in our security tips on a frequent basis. But what exactly is it that is so important that others are always attempting to have a hold of it?

Anyone who gains access to your IP address has the potential to do significant damage, ranging from spamming you to launching a computer attack. In the event that someone gains knowledge of your IP address, the following are the threats that you may face.

What happens when someone has your IP address?

Advertisers may start sending your personalized spam. More importantly, advertisers are becoming smarter with each passing day. And the advertisements became more personalized and manipulative nowadays. That is, many marketers have recently begun embedding monitoring systems within web publications, a new trend. These trackers save your IP address and use it to give you tailored advertisements depending on your surfing habits.

Someone can learn your personal information. That is, an IP address tells others where you are in the world. Someone may potentially find your exact address online if someone has this information. For instance, many house intruders monitor social media to find out when their victims will be away. Security measures should be put in place while you're abroad, especially if you have an IP address.

They may restrict your access to certain online services. Your location is vital to criminals. Many online services use your IP address to determine your eligibility for their services. For example, YouTube TV only shows programming from your city. Unless you use a VPN to alter your Netflix area, Netflix knows where you are, and only series and movies from that nation are available. Others charge various charges based on your location.

Hackers may use your IP to hijack your device. Ports and your IP address are the primary means the internet communicates with one another. If a hacker gets your IP address, they may use brute force to get into your phone and take your data. Malware may be installed on your device by a criminal, exposing your IP if they are successful.

Hide IP address and Change Your Locations with these simple steps

Now you know the danger of exposing your location and IP address. Don't worry, here is the instruction about how you can safely hide your IP and change your location.

  1. Get a trustable virtual private network from VPN Proxy Master
  2. Get the app from Play Store or any other app store and install it.
  3. Use the app to log in.
  4. The locations tab lets you choose a server.
  5. Connect by pressing the Connect button.

With your VPN app, you may choose a server in any location where your VPN provider has a presence. VPN Proxy Master, for example, maintains servers in more than 45 countries.

Use a VPN for cybersecurity

Using the server that you've chosen, then, your VPN will create an encrypted tunnel around all of your device's communications. Your communication will be decrypted and sent to its ultimate destination over the VPN tunnel. IP addresses are used to identify a computer's geographic location and identity. The world will not see yours.

This means that anybody who uses your IP address to find out where you are will view your location as the server location. Change the location of your VPN server at any time using VPN Proxy Master.

It's true there are some free VPNs providers. However, they can be dangerous as well. Remember that if you decide to hunt for a free IP changer online, bear in mind that most of them will record and sell the information you provide. Maintaining a VPN service is not inexpensive. Consequently, if you are offered the opportunity to change your IP address for free online, do not take them up on their offer. They will either con you out of your money or capture your information and sell it to the highest bidding party. If you want to be secure, avoid using free virtual private networks.


Whether you want to preserve your privacy or get past restrictive firewalls, utilizing a virtual private network is the most effective method of doing so. This simple, secure, and affordable solution allows you to change your IP address in a matter of minutes. VPN Proxy Master is easy to use, safe, and cost-effective.

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