Ranking: 8 best search engines for privacy 2022

Ranking: 8 best search engines for privacy 2022

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Jaxson 2022/02/21
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We use search engines every day, oftentimes they help us find stuff that we did not even know existed. There are quite a few out there but Google overwhelmingly controls the entire market. Google operates by collecting data. Their bots crawl the internet for keywords, visiting website after website, collecting all the contents in their vast databases. When someone comes looking for something, Google can serve them with results that are far superior to anyone else in the market. Nevertheless, there are a lot of search engines for privacy. The article introduces 8 best search engines for cybersecurity 2022.

Ranking: Best search engines for privacy

For every business owner or even an individual, data privacy and security are critical. Incognito features in Firefox and Chrome exist for private surfing. However, they do not provide the amount of privacy you may expect as your IP address is still visible to everyone. If privacy is your concern, then we recommend using a VPN, more on that at the end of this article. Let us start.


As a Google alternative, DuckDuckGo is the most popular privacy-focused browser. DuckDuckGo provides an excellent user experience. Also, unlike Google, DuckDuckGo monetizes its platform using traditional methods such as sponsored adverts and affiliate commissions. The commercials are unobtrusive and frequently appropriate, making for a pleasant experience. DuckDuckGo's search algorithm has, of course, improved over time.

The quality of the search result is excellent. It allows you to choose a nation to receive the most relevant results possible. However, it may disappoint you in local searches (depending on your region/country).

DuckDuckGo is the most well-known for being a “private” search engine. What's more, if Google’s not helping you out with their search catering, then DuckDuckGo may be your best bet.


It's undeniable to say that Firefox is one of the most popular online web browsers. It used by people across the world to access and engage with the Internet. People wanted a browser that might better protect them against malware and harmful websites. That is, Firefox has become a popular alternative to the other giants in the browsing world. What's more, Firefox has shifted its focus towards privacy as it is far behind the other browsers in terms of popularity.

Enhanced Privacy Protection in Firefox is a feature that disables cookies from websites by default that might track you. It also disables fingerprinting and stops other scripts from running. At the same time, Enhanced Tracking Protection makes it impossible to use malicious scripts like crypto-mining ones that may use your computer’s processing power to mine cryptocurrency.

If you are interested in privacy, then using Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection alongside a search engine is the recommended way forward.


Qwant is a privacy-focused search engine that is worth checking out. It claims to protect your privacy, neutrality, and digital independence as you search the Internet. If you thought privacy-focused search engines had a laid-back user experience, you will want to reconsider that opinion after using Qwant.

It is an extremely active search engine with a well-organized modern interface. Although it does not provide a tailored experience because it does not monitor you, it does provide a great user experience. The search quality is just as outstanding as its user experience. Qwant is one of the greatest platforms out there if privacy is your main priority while using a search engine.


Microsoft Bing (also called Bing) is a Microsoft-owned and controlled web search engine. Microsoft combined a few of their older search engines, including the famous MSN and Live Search, naming it “Bing.” Also, Bing offers several search features. Those features are common in all the modern engines out there, including web, video, images, and map searches.

You may use Bing to sign in if you have had a Microsoft account. Doing so will also earn your reward points that you can redeem for goodies. Unfortunately, these rewards are only available in certain countries. And you will not be able to redeem them if you are outside those countries.

Bing provides more autocomplete recommendations to consumers.

Video search on Bing is better than Google's.

Relevant images and searches are on the right corner of your web search results on Bing, whereas they appear at the bottom on Google.

It has also adopted most of Google's "smart searches," including such unit converters, movie showings, local weather, and information about famous people.

The story of privacy is the same with Bing. Microsoft will be able to track you if you do not use something like VPN Proxy Master to protect yourself.

Yahoo and AOL

Yahoo is among the most famous email providers, and they are the third most used search engine. That may sound a lot but the third most used is only a meager 1% market share. On the other hand, with a market share of less than 0.05 percent, the once-famous AOL is still among the top ten search engines. Many prominent websites, such as engadget.com, techchrunch.com, and huffingtonpost.com, are part of the AOL network.

But unfortunately, neither Yahoo nor AOL provides their own search engine. Both of them are powered by Bing and if you are using either. Then you might as well just go straight to Bing itself as the results will be identical, if not better on Bing itself.


Christian Kroll created Ecosia, a Berlin-based social enterprise, in 2009. The primary goal of Ecosia was to assist in the funding of tree-planting and restoration initiatives. As a result, Ecosia became the "tree planting search engine."

What is Ecosia and how does it work? Ecosia is a Bing collaborator, which means that Bing powers its search results. Ecosia earns money by placing advertisements in their search results, which helps to fund tree planting. Also, Ecosia receives a tiny commission every time you click an ad. Around forty-five searches fund the planting of a single tree. Ecosia has a market share of around 0.10 percent in terms of search engines.

Ecosia has the appearance, feel, and functionality of a secure and quite well search engine. The company's environmental campaigns are encouraging for individuals wishing to contribute back to the world in some manner, going to make you believe like your every inquiry is contributing towards a great charity.


StartPage is ideal for users who love Google's search results but do not want their search history recorded and saved. It is a privacy-focused web browser that seeks to give search results that are on par with Google's. However, without the invasive monitoring, third-party cookies, or forced adverts. While the service lives up to its promises, some customers may find it tough to abandon Google.

At the end of the day though, we need to realize that the only reason Google is so good at what it does, is because they collect information about you and create a digital profile of your interests.


There is no need for any more introductions. Google is currently in the first place in search, with a staggering 89% lead over second-placed Bing. The quality of Google's search results is what has made it the most preferred and trusted search engine. Google employs advanced algorithms to provide consumers with the most accurate results.

While it is true that Google tracks everything and anything you do in the online world, some people do say that it is in Google’s best interest to keep your data as secure as possible because they would lose the most if a breach were to happen. Take this advice with a grain of salt because you may just end up exposing all of your online activity if you make the wrong choice. If you do not care about Google having your data and only wish to keep it safe from third parties, feel free to head on over to them and use them to your heart’s desire.

Using VPN Proxy Master to ensure your privacy

No matter how much research you conduct, you will eventually find out that search engines are not as private as you may think. Because by their very nature, search engines are expensive to operate and therefore need to show you advertisements to make up for their costs. At the same time though, these search engines also need to improve the results that they show you because otherwise you will simply move on to their competitor that can do it better.

They track you in order to show you results that most relevant to you.

How VPN Proxy Master protects your privacy

By connecting to a VPN Proxy Master server, you are sending your requests through their servers and ensuring that no third party can find out who is actually requesting the search results. It is important, however, that you log out from your Google or Microsoft account while doing so, because that would completely undermine the entire point of using a VPN.

Once connected to VPN Proxy Master, your IP address changes, and these search engines can no longer track you as easily as they could. We also recommend that you combine VPN Proxy Master with Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection. This way you will also protect yourself from cookies and other tracking methods that websites and search engines use to identify you.

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