7 ways how VPN can protect your data and customers


This article will let you know how VPN can protect your data. To begin with, let us understand the overall scenario.

vpn protect your data

In the first place, did you know there is a hacker attack every 39 seconds? In fact, post COVID-19 Pandemic, The F.B.I. has reported a 300% surge in cybercrime. Consequently, Data security is becoming the number one priority for all corporate houses in 2020.

Furthermore, 77% of corporations do not have any response plan for cyber attacks. In fact, companies take 6 months on average to identify a data breach. Therefore, all responsible brands want to beef up their network security. However, the million-dollar question is - How?

This funny corporate story will help you understand better.

"A Guy was appearing for a final round interview in an I.T. company for the post of “Computer Hacking Inspector”. The interviewer asked him, “So, what makes you suitable for this Job”?

“Well”, he replied, “I hacked your computer & invited myself to this interview.” Funny? No, it isn’t. It is the reality with almost all companies.

Let us quickly dive into the 7 ways how VPN can protect your data and customers if you are a corporate/company/brand. Just researching how does a VPN works? Click here.

1. Anonymity

A VPN guarantees anonymity. Finding your identity when you are using a VPN is almost impossible. To summarize, a VPN can very effectively help all users accessing corporate data remotely.

2. Mask your IP

With a VPN on, the user’s real IP is always masked. Hence, any potential intruder will never be able to identify the user he wants to target. Thus, a VPN makes it impossible for the hacker to identify you.

3. Encrypted data

This is that one thing that makes your internet journey almost secure. A VPN encrypts all your data. In short, this encryption helps you keep your data confidential.

4. Multiple Server networks

Your journey on the internet is routed through multiple servers. This makes your route unpredictable. This makes it difficult to identify your origin. In other words, this is another way of hiding identity.

5. Tunneling

A VPN creates a tunnel. All your internet data moves through this tunnel. This keeps your data packets secure. In brief, the VPN helps you transfer encrypted information through this tunnel.

6. ISP Security

Your ISP has the details of all the websites you visit. A VPN hides your internet usage history from your ISP too. This is important as most of the ISPs modulate your speed based on what websites you are browsing.

7. Secure file sharing

This feature of the VPN helps employees of a corporate to share files with administered authority. The administrator decides which employee views what data. This makes the data secure and confidential.

To Conclude, we now know how and what does a VPN protect against. The share prices of a company dip by 7% every time there is a security breach. Hence, it is clear that data breach costs money and reputation to a company.

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