How to Keep Your Browsing History Hidden from ISPs

Last updated: 2022/08/30
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As you may have heard already, your browsing history and personal information are not at all safe from intruding persons and organizations (such as your beloved ISPs). Getting a free VPN for your phones, and a VPN for PC, whether it is Mac or Windows, would not only safeguard your data from the ISPs but will also shield it from other snooping parties.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN is essentially a service offered by numerous providers that allow you to secure your devices, and personal information, and help you avoid leaving digital footprints.

A remarkable, and quite frankly incredibly popular option for a free VPN is VPN Proxy Master. It is a very easy-to-use app that is compatible and available for download on Android, Windows and macOS, iOS, and Chrome.

VPN Proxy Master lets you browse the internet safely and securely, without any fear of intrusion of privacy.

Another marvelous perk is that if a website or app is banned or restricted in your country, you can easily access it with the help of a VPN service.

Get an Upgrade

Now, even though it is free to use, this service has available options for premium packages. The VPN Proxy Master Pro comes with four plans: a one-month plan, a three-month plan, a six-month plan, and finally a 12-month plan. You can click here to find out more about the specific services and pricing of VPN Proxy Master Pro.

HTTPS Extensions

Another reliable way of keeping your data safe from your ISP selling it is an HTTPS extension. With this feature, your IPS will only be able to see which website you’re using. They won’t be able to look further than that, the data and your activity on the website will remain disguised.

Download an HTTPS extension now through this link and protect your information and browsing history from your nosy ISPs!

Incognito Mode

You must have heard of, and most definitely would have already used, incognito mode or “private browsing”. Does it prevent your searches from getting recorded in your browser history? Yes. Does it protect and shield your data from ISPs? Not at all.

A lot of people believe that using incognito mode on their browsers is going to protect their browsing history from everyone including their respective ISPs which is not true at all.

So, to avoid the same mistake numerous others continue to make, we would highly recommend you install an available VPN for your PC.

Back to VPN

A free VPN in this day and age is an essential need for us. Everyone should use it for the sake of their safety. Our ISPs are quite likely to be selling our data to marketing firms and advertisers.

The way it works is that your ISP will sell your data to the formerly mentioned buyers at high rates which will then be exploited to their utmost extent.

For example, let’s say you had recently been searching the internet for a new mattress or places near you that sell mattresses, well this data will be provided to those sinister buyers who will then start sending ads targeted around mattresses to your social media accounts and browsers. Surely you must have noticed this at some point.

Quite unnecessary isn’t it? Such crass ways they use and invade our privacy. This is why you should get a Free VPN, if not a premium, for ensuring privacy at all costs.

VPN for Android, which would be your mobile phone, is also to keep all your browsing history and data safe from ISPs. Many people store huge chunks of personal information on the internet through their phones, and surely you do too.

You can save that precious data from getting used for harmful ulterior motives through a VPN for Android.

To get access to other VPN services, free or premium, all you have to do is run a five-minute search on Google (or your preferred browser), and voila! You will have innumerable VPN services, links, and ways to download them.

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