Critical Reasons Why You Should Use a VPN

Last updated: 2022/08/16
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Here’s why you should use a VPN. The article covers 5 reasons that are making it mandatory for all smart internet users to install a free VPN ASAP.


In the first place, let's take an overview of how secure your internet connection is. Did you know - 4.1 billion data records were breached in the first half of 2019 alone? To add to this, 71% of these breaches were financially motivated. On average 2,244 cyber attacks happen every day. It is very clear that the internet is extremely vulnerable. Hackers are waiting in every nook and corner to catch hold of innocent internet users.

Secondly, let us also quickly understand the level of privacy you enjoy on the internet. 79% of internet users in the USA alone have experienced marketing spies peeping into their internet activity to decide the type of advertisements they should feed. 46% of internet users have experienced data leakages that include personal social media conversations.

In fact, out of the 107 countries, 18% of countries do not have a single data privacy law governing them. In fact, the biggest fine ever levied was on Google France. The fine was Euro 5,00,000,00. Hence, it is clear that internet privacy and data privacy is something you need to take care of yourself. No authority, govt. Policy etc will never come to your rescue.

As a result, cybercrime is flourishing on every inch of the planet. Let us have a look at some indicators. The USA booked losses worth $7.5 billion in 2019 alone. 144 million new malware were tested in 2019 alone. The downtime cost due to cyber-attacks increased by 75% in 2020.

Thus, it is clear that internet security and privacy are becoming a concern for all of us. So then, let us see what a VPN does to keep us secure on the internet. To add to this. the below pointers will also tell you how you can maintain your privacy on the internet simply by using a VPN server.

IP Masking

A VPN application never reveals your IP. Let us understand what happens when you install a VPN. Every time you make use of a VPN it connects you to a server. All your internet transactions happen through the VPN server you are connected to.

Above all, it appears as if your IP is that of the VPN server’s IP. Hence, if you use a VPN your real IP is never revealed.
For your information, a lot of cyber intruders plan their attacks based on IPs. If your IP remains confidential, you keep yourself away from intruders who attack users based on their IPs.

Location Masking

This is another way a VPN keeps you far away from any intruders. Since your entire internet activity happens through the VPN server, your location remains confidential. The VPN server’s location appears to be your location to the internet fraternity.

This way your original location is never revealed. Thus, you rule out the risk of being attacked by another huge chunk of attackers.

Since a lot of hackers target internet users in a specific location you clearly safeguard yourself from this lot.

Data Encryption

This is yet another amazing feature that keeps your data secure. Any VPN encrypts your data into an unreadable coded format. This data travels throughout the internet journey in the same unreadable format.

However, the destination terminal is provided with a de-encryption key with the data. The destination uses the De-encryption key and converts the data into the original readable format. Hence, the intended reader can instantly read through the contents of the data being transferred.

On the other hand, potential cyber attackers might access the data. However, since the data is encrypted, it is very difficult for the intruder to read the contents.

Virtual Tunnel

A VPN creates a virtual tunnel between you and your destination. All the internet transactions that happen between you and your destination pass through this virtual tunnel. No other internet user outside the tunnel can see what happens inside the tunnel.

All your content transactions happen inside this tunnel. Hence, many cyber intruders who keep fishing users based on internet activity can never harm you. Since all your internet activity remains confidential. This amazing feature ensures that no one can see what your internet activity is.

ISP Throttle

Here’s another thing you should know. Your ISP keeps a track of all your internet activity. In most cases, your ISP also reduces your speed when you are downloading heavy files. To add to this, if you use bandwidth over a certain limit while playing games online the ISP throttles your bandwidth too.

An ISP does this so that the internet speed and bandwidth of other users don’t get affected.

If you make use of a VPN, it becomes very difficult for the ISP to keep track of your internet activity. This way you will never have to bother if your ISP is modulating your internet speed based on what content you are consuming online.

A VPN keeps you away from unwanted advertisers

As discussed above your ISP monitors your internet activity. To add to this, the ISP also keeps a log of all the internet activities you do. Did you know your ISP might be selling the data of your internet activity to advertising companies? In fact, in many countries the governments allow ISPs to officially sell their subscriber’s data to advertisers.

However, if you want to keep yourself out of this league a VPN can come to your rescue. Earlier, we discussed that a VPN creates a virtual tunnel. This tunnel starts at your device and ends at the destination terminal. Hence, it becomes almost impossible for your ISP to dive into this opaque tunnel and view the internet activities you do.

Hence, the ISP cannot maintain a regular log of your internet activity. This way, you do not become another prospect for the advertising companies to push advertisements on you based on your internet usage.

To conclude, a VPN offers you 4 layers of security and privacy. The VPN server you latch on to masks your IP and hides your real location. The data encryption keeps your valuable data secure. Also, encryption converts readable data into unreadable codes. Hence, even if your files reach the wrong hands it becomes very difficult for intruders to read the content of your files. Today, the internet has become an epicenter for financial crimes. Hence, the use of a VPN is strongly recommended.

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