5 Reasons why VPN Proxy Master is the best application


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VPN Proxy Master offers a wide range of security solutions. VPN proxy master Lite is one of the most popular applications is known to all of us. However, this post will tell you some amazing features you haven’t heard of.

This post will help you go through a VPN proxy master review. Since you are reading this post on the VPN proxy master 2020 blog, it is sponsored content. However, I bet you did not know these amazing features of VPN proxy master – free download offers.

I strongly recommend all readers to try these features as you read the article ahead. This will help you try the features that you read through in the post. So then, open a new window now. Go for the VPN proxy master chrome extension if you are using Chrome. Are you a Mac user? Instantly download the VPN proxy master Mac right now.

Hope you all have carefully followed all instructions. Also, the VPN is now installed and active on your device.

Hurray. Now let us quickly look at some of the unique features you enjoy with VPN proxy master only.

So then, let us begin without any further delay.


In the first, we often connect our devices to Wi-Fi networks. In fact, a lot of us also travel. Our personal and professional lives demand latching on to Public Wi-Fi. Isn’t it relatable?

So then, how about checking out right now how VPN proxy master keeps you anonymous. You already have the application installed on your device. Here’s what you need to do. Log on to goole.com. Type VPN proxy master. Click on the official website. Did you just see that the vpnproxymaster.com instantly tells you your IP and your status? Also, does it say you are exposed?

Close the website. Now go to your browser/ device etc. Download the VPN proxy master application. Click open the application. Press the start/activate button. Choose a free sever. Now go back to your browser. Again logon to the website VPNPROXYMASTER.COM.

You will instantly observe your IP has changed, The IP that you see now is that of the VPN server you are latched on. Also, check out your status. It will appear “Protected”.

This is how simple it is to become anonymous.

Multiple devices

Secondly, the Internet has risen to an all-new level of experience. Isn’t it? To experience seamless integration, internet of things (I.o.T), you need multiple devices. Creating a Wi-Fi hub that connects your mobile, laptop, Smart TV, Alexa, Home automation products, etc has become a basic need today.

Thus, the security will make sense only if it secures all the devices. Since we all normally connect multiple devices there is no point in having security beefed up on one single device. Since intruders can access your network from some other device.

VPN proxy master application offers you to connect 5 devices. Generally speaking, the upper limit of 5 devices caters to almost any family, small office, etc.

No Log policy

Thirdly, let us understand why this is the most important feature. To begin with, let us understand what happens when we do not use a VPN application.

In this case, your internet service provider (I.S.P.) keeps a log of your internet activity. Further, Your ISP also modulates your speed based on the kind of internet activity you do.

For Instance, let us say you are downloading a heavy file. In this case, your ISP comes to know about it. Thus, it throttles your speed. Your internet service provider does this so that other users aren’t affected.

Or let us say you are playing your game online. Assuming it is a multiplayer game, with high-end graphics, you need a lot of bandwidth. Imagine a live war game where you have the powers. However, you aren’t able to use them at the right time because of latency, isn’t it frustrating?

Still, the moment your ISP knows you are using heavy bandwidth, it is likely that the ISP will modulate your speed.

However, when you make use of the VPN proxy master, your ISP cannot see through the internet activity you are doing.

Thus, a lot of netizens around the planet make use of a VPN. We have heard all of this - Right? However, what if your VPN keeps a log of your internet history.

Hence it is a strong recommendation by all the security professionals to make use of a VPN application that does not save your logs.

VPN proxy master maintains a strict no-log policy. No solution, application etc offered by VPN proxy master has ever kept a record of internet logs of its users.

Auto Kill switch

Let us quickly understand what happens when you install and activate the application. Your terminal is connected with a VPN server. To the entire internet fraternity, it appears as if the VPN server IP is your IP. Similarly, the VPN server location appears to be your real location.

This helps you keep your IP and location anonymous. However, what if your connection to the VPN server is lost?

Obviously, your real IP and location become visible to everyone. This makes you extremely vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

For this reason, VPN proxy master offers an amazing feature called auto kill switch. Auto kill switch disconnects your internet the moment you lose connection with the VPN server.

In a summary, VPN proxy master is an amazing option to explore. We offer free versions for all operating systems, devices, and browsers.

Should you want to know how we can help you keep yourself secured log on to our official website VPNPROXYMASTER.COM