8 best anime streaming services 2022

Last updated: 2022/04/13
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Anime fever is taking over the world. It does not matter if you are a huge fan of anime, know everything about them, have the hype to binge with hours on end, or if you are an average consumer who simply wants some quality entertainment. There is no doubt that anime is incredibly famous all around the world. People want to experience the culture in that part of the world. More importantly, for most of the people, anime is the first step into the world of East-Asian culture.

Best anime streaming services for 2022

To watch and enjoy anime, you require a streaming service. There are many anime streaming services that offer their users quite a large amount of collections of contemporary and classic anime in high-quality. These streaming platforms provide their users with the latest episodes of their favorite anime as soon as they air. Not all anime fans can speak and understand Japanese. Therefore, they look for subtitles and dubbed versions of their favorite anime. Most of these platforms also provide anime with subtitles and dubbed versions.

Let us get through the most famous and popular ones out there. Things are popular for a reason!


Considered the world best streaming service in the world, Netflix surely is not shy of hosting anime on their platform. Depending on what country you live in, Netflix may also be the best streaming platform for anime. They have won the hearts of a lot of anime fans by bringing some of the best anime shows to their platform, especially in countries where the usual anime streaming platforms are not available

Netflix has also made some of its originals like, Castlevania, Yasuke, Devilman Crybaby, and Cannon Busters. A major point and an advantage for Netflix users is that it has no ads. They offer more features for its users like offline viewing, we can download the content and watch it offline later. It is available on various devices as well. 

Netflix provides high-quality anime for its users which we cannot find everywhere. Users can switch the language and subtitles while watching an anime. If you like watching some of the best anime in high quality so Netflix is the best platform for you. Also, if Netflix is not available in your country, you can use VPN Proxy Master. That is, VPN Proxy Master can change the IP of your device. What's more, it will make it look like you are browsing from some other country so you can access their library.


Hulu has more than 350 different anime titles to offer, both movies and series. On Hulu, we can also watch some of the top hits like My Hero Academia, Naruto series, and Attack on Titans which is on top nowadays. Tokyo Ghoul, Bleach, Soul Eater, and many more amazing anime that fans consider to be staples of the genre.

By collaborating with FUNimation, Hulu’s library now has some of the biggest anime series. Hulu just like Netflix does not have all of the anime on their platform but it is still incredibly famous. A small downside for Hulu is that, unlike Netflix, we can only choose one option to watch anime, either dubbed version or subtitled version. Whereas Netflix lets you switch the audio or subtitles during the show itself.

Unfortunately, Hulu is only available in the US and Japan. This means you will need a VPN to use it.


Crunchyroll holds the title of the best anime streaming service. They host thousands of anime on their platform, they have series, movies, and manga. Crunchyroll subtitles most of their anime and is becoming the global hub for anime broadcasting due to its diverse content library. Founded in 2006, they now have 100 million members and over 5 million subscriptions. They collaborate with fellow genre powerhouse FUNimation to distribute thousands of titles around the globe. 

The biggest advantage of using Crunchyroll is that they release new episodes of anime just after one hour of their release in Japan. This service also sometimes releases a lot of new episodes at the same time, as they uploaded 8 episodes of Attack on Titan weeks before its finale. Crunchyroll also has a partnership with VRV due to which the users in the US have an advantage. You can sign up for free and still have access to many anime and some old content as well. For those who want to have early access to new episodes of their anime series, Crunchyroll is the best option. Similar to other platforms though, geo-restrictions are difficult to avoid without VPN Proxy Master.


VRV is a great streaming service that allows you to view anime for free on a variety of devices. Similarly, you may use VRV to view popular anime titles such as Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, and others on your television. The narrative does not end there; for $9.99 per month, you can subscribe to its monthly premium plan.

However, VRV only makes its service available to subscribers in the United States. If you are living outside of the US, you will undoubtedly have to rely on a VPN service to hide your real location.


A former Crunchyroll competitor FUNimation has a number of important titles in common with the anime behemoth. The difference between the two is in their libraries. FUNimation owns approximately 13,000 hours of content and is the exclusive owner of the Dragon Ball Z franchise. The service offers a wide range of subgenres and thrives in dubbing. When it comes to new episodes, the platform has a defined schedule that it publishes each season, with Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc, Tribe Nine, and Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 in winter 2022.


The streaming service KissAnime provides a single place for you to watch every anime of which you can think. If watching anime legally is not your concern, then this is the best streaming platform available. Although the original website is no longer available, KissAnime has a lot of different clones and versions still live but made by other people.

Watching anime on this platform counts as piracy. This is because KissAnime does not actually have the legal rights to upload and stream anime. But for a lot of people where legal streaming services like Crunchyroll are not available in their country yet, Kiss anime is the only choice they have. It is also an excellent choice for people who cannot afford a premium streaming service. However, we highly recommend that you use a VPN while streaming content from KissAnime. Purely because your local authorities might be interested in your illegal browsing habits, and a VPN is the best way to protect yourself.


RetroCrush, is a fantastic streaming service that lets you view so many of the greatest classic anime episodes and movies on your mobile device. Also, RetroCrush has episodes of The Twelve Kingdoms, Wicked City, and other shows. Fortunately, users are able to watch all of these fantastic anime episodes and movies for free. You can also watch it on a variety of devices, including computers, smartphones, smart TVs, and anything else of which you can think.

Unfortunately, there is only available in the United States and Canada. As a result, you will be facing Geo restrictions that you need to avoid by using a VPN. 


9Animehttps://9anime.vc is another excellent streaming website that offers high-definition movies and anime episodes. The site is unique in a way that it includes various highly rated Japanese anime programs as well as the release dates for upcoming episodes. There is a feature that allows you to request a series from an existing list.

Just like KissAnime, 9Anime has a lot of different websites out there hosted by different people. And as is common with pirated content, you will see a lot of advertisements and popups on these websites. Generally speaking, it is a clever idea to always use an ad blocker when viewing pirated content. But you also need another layer of security.

How to access all anime streaming services?

We have been talking about using a VPN like VPN Proxy Master throughout this article but let us get into some details. There are two main types of anime streaming websites out there. The legal ones and the illegal ones.

The legal streaming sites have to follow international laws and regulations regarding licensed content. While most of them do charge a subscription fee such as Netflix and Crunchyroll, some of them also offer free versions. But regardless of whether or not you are paying a subscription fee, they will cater the content to your current location. So, if you are living outside of the United States, odds are high that Crunchyroll will either refuse to service your area or they will just not have a lot of shows on there.

On the other side of things, we have the illegal streaming sites or, well, the pirated anime sites. All of these sites offer up their entire library to everyone, regardless of where they are coming from, and they do it for free. Hosting video content is incredibly expensive. Making a profit while doing so is even more difficult. YouTube is the most popular streaming site out there, but even they barely make a profit.


VPN Proxy Master is the best VPN that can help you to access all anime streaming services. That is, VPN Proxy Master can change your public IP address. It makes it impossible for the legal streaming websites to find out where you are actually from. Letting you access the entire US library of Crunchyroll without ever setting foot in the country. In the case of Netflix, however, you will want to connect to another country altogether because the US library of Netflix does not have a lot of anime in the first place.

On the other hand, if you cannot afford a subscription fee and simply want to watch the latest episode. We might have some shocking news for you. The way most of the free streaming sites make their money is by selling your data, quite literally. The advertisements displayed on these websites often have malicious content. These advertisers can potentially track you or even latch onto your browser altogether. And even if you use an ad blocker, there is nothing stopping your IP address and your potential browser fingerprint from leaking to them. Which is why we recommend that you use VPN Proxy Master to make your online experience that much safer.

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