How a VPN for Mac and Windows Works?

Last updated: 2023/01/10
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VPNs for Mac and Windows are great tools for protecting your privacy online. But how a VPN for Mac and Windows works? Read the following 5 key points to clear up your confusion.

1. Tunneling

A VPN creates a private network (called a tunnel) between two endpoints. Here, the tunnel is the incarnation of a private network. What happens when you use the Internet? Your device interacts with a server and the server reacts to your queries. When you use a VPN, your query and the server's response go through a private tunnel-like network.

2. Encryption

Encryption is like a lock with two keys, allowing only the exact recipient to read the content. You have one key, and the VPN you subscribe to has the other. In this case, potential intruders cannot snoop through the content. As the packet travels through the locked box, it reaches the intended recipient set by the service provider. Once the box reaches the desired recipient, the VPN unlocks the box to protect your data from being exposed.

3. IP Masking

While your real IP reveals your personal information, a VPN hides your IP and ensures your online privacy. It creates a private network for the server to receive user queries from the device and transmits the data to the destination. The IP that appears at the destination is the VPN server's own IP. When businesses use a VPN, they give all users an internal IP as it is only available from the destination.

4. Kill Switch

What if you lose your VPN connection? Intruders can intercept your data. Every time you lose your connection to the VPN server, the kill switch disconnects your device from the Internet. Once the connection to the VPN server is restored, your Internet will be connected again.
The kill switch function monitors your connection to the VPN server. As soon as your connection to the VPN server is broken, it blocks your device from the Internet. When the tunnel is successfully established again, it removes the block.

5. Smart server selection

VPNs have multiple servers around the world. This feature recommends the best server you should latch on. This recommendation is based on various factors. Factors, for instance, distance, censorship, and download speed matter a lot.

A smart server location is an artificial intelligence-based feature. It works on a combination of factors. All the factors have priorities. If you want to watch a show on Netflix that is not available in your country but is available in the US, the smart server will lock you in to the nearest US server.

All in all, a VPN is an amazing tool to ensure your internet security and privacy. Hence, I strongly recommend you to install a VPN in case you are not using it.

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