Why You Need a Secure VPN?

Last updated: 2023/01/11
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To begin with, why you need a secure VPN? Because it keeps your network safe! Read the points below and find the answers to the following questions:

  • Is VPN safe for android?
  • Is VPN safe for iPhone?
  • Which is the safest free VPN?

See if your VPN offers all these security checks.

1. IP Masking

A VPN will never reveal your real IP. The IP of the VPN server appears as your IP on the DNS server. This allows your identity to remain secret. Any potential intruders will not be able to track you down. However, some VPN servers will reveal your identity to DNS. Therefore, you need to take a separate DNS leak test and double check user reviews before subscribing to any VPN services.

2. Location

A VPN encrypts your location. In this way, your IP is equivalent to that of the VPN server, and therefore your live location will also be assumed to be that of the VPN server.

3. Tunnel

A VPN creates a tunnel between your start and end points. This tunnel bypasses intruders and makes it impossible for them to snoop into the tunnel. As a result, all interactions between you and the DNS become invisible and, therefore, keeps the ISP away from your Internet activity.

4. Encryption

A VPN double encrypts all your data. In this way, your data packets cannot be discovered by potential hackers, thus reducing the risk of being compromised or lost.

5. Multiple Servers

VPNs lock your location to multiple servers. This makes your journey unpredictable and unrecognisable to intruders. While travelling through multiple servers causes a slight loss of speed, its presence helps you to hide your identity.

6. Kill Switch

What if the VPN server disconnects while you're browsing? The kill switch will immediately shut down your Internet connection. It will not restore your Internet service until you reconnect to the VPN server again. This feature is only available for a very small number of VPNs.

In all, a VPN not only makes your device secure, it also helps you hide your browsing history from the government as well as your ISP. Get a secure VPN now to avoid hackers snooping on your internet activity!

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