5-Point Plan to Prevent Credential Stuffing

Last updated: 2023/01/11
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Can cybercriminals access your data by stuffing credentials? Absolutely! So what should you do? Before we figure out a way to solve this problem, we need to know what credential stuffing actually is. In short, credential stuffing refers to the use of bots to punch holes in compromised user credentials to access accounts. We, VPN Proxy Master, have a 5 point plan that you can consider for preventing credential stuffing.

In particular, credential stuffing is risk-free and offers the highest returns. A global report states that 30 billion such attacks were recorded in 2018. Although it has a low success rate of 0.01%, credential stuffing is a popular form of intrusion. The sheer number of credentials available makes credential stuffing feasible. Therefore, the low success rate does not harm the intruder.


First, try not to use any platform that does not require a CAPTCHA to be entered. An automated intruder cannot enter a CAPTCHA, but an intruder can. However, if the intruder does the CAPTCHA manually, it becomes tedious. Many brands believe that CAPTCHAs degrade the consumer experience, but in reality, the opposite is true. Your consumers feel more secure when you use CAPTCHAs for identity verification.

2. Multi-factor authentication

Next, use at least two-factor authentication. This method is simple but effective. As a rule, use multi-factor authentication whenever possible. Althougha multi-factor authentication does not prevent 100% of credential stuffing, it serves a great purpose.

3. Get a VPN now

Often, corporate employees need remote access to be more productive. Coupled with the huge popularity of the COVID-19, working from home has become the new normal. Due to the cost savings that come with it, this situation has become the CFO's best friend. Apart from this, employees do not refrain from using public Wi-Fi, such as in cafes, which makes working from home more beneficial. In short, the use of a VPN like "VPN Proxy Master Online" protects employees' login credentials.

4. Restrict headless browsers

In particular, attackers often use automated browsers to reduce Internet barriers and make their attacks more feasible. What you can do to counter this problem is to highlight a headless browser. Scan for all activities done by these browsers to avoid potential attacks.

5. Login success ratio

Apart from the above checkpoints, track information from your clients and headers. Set up alerts for login failure ratio. As the credential crowd has a low success ratio, you can always differentiate between users by setting up alerts for unusual logins. Each time you receive an alert about a low success rate, treat it as a warning sign.

To conclude, cybersecurity has become a serious concern. It is very easy for cybercriminals to gain access to your credential data. Therefore, it is important for you to keep a check on credential stuffing. If you are running a business and are worried about data security, here are the answers to all the security questions you want to know!

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