What is VPN Needed for: 5 Top Capabilities Explained

Last updated: 2022/09/14
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Want to know what is a VPN? This article aims at sharing the top 5 features of a VPN. These features define the basic characteristics of a VPN. To begin with, we all know VPNs help secure our internet journey. Let us quickly understand why security is becoming important nowadays.

Firstly, do you agree cybercrime is on a surge? Here are quick facts that might interest you. During the COVID-19 Pandemic alone there is a 300% surge in overall cyber attacks. In fact, the banking sector alone witnessed a surge of 238%. So then, let’s start.

IP Masking

Even a free VPN offers this feature. This is exactly how a VPN works. When you use a VPN, you latch on to a VPN server. All your internet transactions happen via VPN servers. On all the internet radars your IP appears as if it is of the VPN server. Hence, your IP remains confidential.

However, you should do an IP leak test when you do a VPN free download. Some of the VPNs reveal your IP to the destination. In summary, a VPN keeps you anonymous. Your IP isn’t revealed. This way you are secured from intruders who peep into their target’ IP before attacking.

Location Masking

Just recall what you read. Your IP appears as that of the virtual private network server. Hence, your location also remains confidential. In fact, your location appears as that of the server. This way you are miles away from many intruders engaged in location-based targeting.


What is a VPN connection? In simple words, a virtual private network is a private connection you establish with any destination. It creates a tunnel between you and your destination. No one outside the tunnel can peep into the tunnel. This way all your data transactions remain confidential. This gives you an element of privacy too. In fact, it becomes almost impossible for your ISP also to monitor your internet activity.


It encrypts your data. What does this mean? As a rule, all the data is coded into an unreadable format. The data then travels through the internet. The desired recipient also gets an encryption key. The encryption key again converts the data into the same readable content.

Kill Switch

Lastly, just imagine what if the first four features vanish. You, your data everything becomes extremely vulnerable. Isn’t it? So, imagine what if you are using the internet and you lose your connection with the VPN? For this reason, most of the providers offer the kill switch feature.

A kill switch disconnects your device when you lose your connection with the virtual private network. You regain the connection as soon as you regain your connection with the server. This way you're disconnected for a short while. However, your security is never compromised.

To conclude, if you want to understand what a VPN is, you should first know how a VPN works. This will give you an overview.

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