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Last updated: 2024/03/08
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Happy International Women's Day! This is a day to celebrate gender equality and women's rights.  In the age of big data and the vast amount of content we share on a daily basis. We probably have a lot less control over our personal information online than we think. Our electronic personal information may be secretly collected and may one day become a tool to terrorize us.

Harassment of women on the internet is ubiquitous. According to data, while both men and women can be victimized by doxxing, the power dynamics of online gender hate make women more vulnerable. We should take a closer look at what "doxxing" is, how it collects information about us, and what we can do to prevent it.

What is Doxxing

Doxxing is an act of disclosing someone's personal information online without their consent, such as someone's real name, home address, place of work, telephone number, financial information and so on. The purposes is to intimidating, humiliating, harassing, or otherwise harming the victim.

How Can Doxxers Find Personal Information?


Doxxers use deceptive social engineering techniques such as phishing to create links, emails or websites that mirror legitimate websites to deceive their targets. If a person uses an unsecured e-mail account, it is highly likely that he or she will fall into their trap.


Registering a domain name causes your details to appear in public Whois databases. If you create a domain without any processing, anyone can get your personal information from it.

IP Tracking

Every online device has a unique IP address. Doxxers can use a variety of methods to obtain your IP address and use some techniques to obtain more detailed information about your personal whereabouts, online behavior and frequently visited websites. This can be done using a VPN to mask your online footprint.

Social Media

People like to share their personal life on platforms like facebook, instagram etc. These platforms are flooded with personal data and mischief makers can look for relevant information on social media platforms and may even fake fake personal accounts to infiltrate in false target circles.

Packet Sniffing

Doxxers can capture and analyze packets exchanged between devices and networks to extract confidential data about their targets.One way to protect yourself from packet sniffing is to use a VPN.

How Can We Avoid Getting Doxxed?

There are steps we can take to protect our personal information.

1.Use a VPN

A VPN can be used to hide your IP address. It can receive a user's Internet traffic, encrypt it, and then send it through one of the VPN service's servers before it enters the public Internet, allowing you to browse the Internet anonymously.VPN Proxy Master reroute your traffic through a tunnel with AES 256-bit encryption and masks your online identity by hiding your IP address.

2.Use Strong Passwords and Different Usernames

Use complex passwords that include upper and lower case letters and combinations of numbers and symbols. Also, avoid using the same password for multiple accounts!You can use different usernames for different accounts, which will make it more difficult for others to track your activity on multiple sites.

3.Using Multi-factor Authentication

Using two-factor authentication or passwordless login types, such as biometric identification can increases the chances of avoiding doxxing.

4.Domain Privacy

You can hide domain registration information from WHOIS. Domain name registrars have control over these privacy settings, so you will need to check with your domain name registration company on how to do this.

5.Adjust Your Social Media Settings

Check privacy settings on social media profiles. Keep your personal data private. Avoid discussing personal information that could be used against you and any information that identifies your address, workplace or contact information.

6.Be Wary of Phishing Emails

Don't click on links from unknown senders. Doxxers often use phishing to get you to click on a malicious link and ask you to provide personal information.


Faced with the plethora of search tools and information available online, almost anyone can become a victim of a human search, especially women.Don’t take your security and privacy lightly, Don't take your security and privacy lightly, and defend women's equality as well as their right to privacy! Purchasing VPN Proxy Master is a great way to protect your security and privacy. It will provide you a secure, encrypted tunnel to shield your online activities. As the best VPN for security, VPN Proxy Master is dedicated to protecting your online security and privacy.

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