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5 minutes
VPN vs HTTPS Differences. Which One Should You Use?

VPN stands for the virtual private network. HTTPS stands for hypertext transfer protocol secure. Both technologies are popular in the security domain. In fact, both are known to secure your internet and guarantee you internet privacy to a large extent. Both VPN and HTTPS do similar things. However, they both do it in different ways. […]

10 minutes
Top 7 Browsers for Privacy and Security in 2022

THE COMPETITION So who exactly are the giants when it comes to the best and most reliable servers? First of all, Google Chrome seems to be number one when it comes to market sharing. And then Microsoft Edge certainly doesn’t need an introduction either as it has taken over from Internet Explorer which is now […]

5 minutes
Guide to Deleting Your Google Search History in 2022

A lot of us don’t seem to feel the need to delete our browsing history, however, if you have personal information that you have been looking through online you might want to start thinking about deleting your search history for safety reasons! What’s important to remember is that by deleting your browsing history you won’t […]

7 minutes
Why you should clear your Google browsing history

Nowadays, people use browsers for surfing the internet. Browsing history is an important component of our internet activity. At the same time, your browsing history actually can tell a lot about your personality. For instance, Google has been in the data-security news a lot recently. And it's not necessarily in a positive light. Every day, […]