Why You Should Download a VPN?

Last updated: 2022/12/29
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If you're asking why you should download a VPN, it's because security is becoming a top priority these days. The use of VPN services seems to be common in different places due to the importance individuals place on privacy and data security online. In fact, 43% of cyber attacks are carried out against small businesses and large corporations. One report states that data breaches cost public companies an average of $116 million. That's not a small amount of money to lose!

Here are 4 reasons why people should download a VPN to prevent such cases from happening.

1. Data Encryption

First of all, V.P.N. encrypts your data. Both free VPNs and paid VPNs have this feature, that's for sure. Encryption makes it almost impossible for other people to view the data you are transacting online. All your data will be secretly encrypted by the encoding system using high-end AES-256 technology. If you want to subscribe to a VPN service, check whether the provider utilises different protocols such as IPSec and Open VPN before making a decision.

2. IP Masking

Second, a VPN does not reveal your IP. When you connect to a VPN, your Internet journey is made through the VPN server. Therefore, it appears to your Internet destination that the server's IP is the same as your real IP. As your IP is the first thing an intruder will want to know, if your IP is invisible then you will be protected from a large proportion of cyber attacks.

3. Virtual Tunnel Construction

Third, the VPN creates a virtual tunnel. All your Internet activity takes place inside this tunnel. No one can peek inside the tunnel and see your Internet activity. This feature comes in handy especially when you are using Wi-Fi. Furthermore, if the Wi-Fi you are connected to is for public use, it is even more important for you to use a VPN.

In fact, your ISP will track your internet activity and it will adjust your internet speed according to the way you surf the web. For example, if you're downloading a heavy file, your ISP may slow down your download speed to safeguard the speed of other users' internet connections. However, with an effective VPN connection, your ISP can't even know what content you're accessing. This avoids problems such as bandwidth limitations. Amazing, isn't it?

4. Restricted Content Access Privileges

Fourth, a VPN helps you access content that is restricted in your country. It enables you to select a server to lock your IP to. In this way, you can connect to a server in any other country where the content you are looking for can be accessed.

If you get an error on YouTube that says "This content is not available in your country", what you need to do is to lock the VPN server in the US and refresh the page to see if that country applies to your portal. Get a VPN free download for Windows 10 now and start unblocking all the content you want to access!

In short, a VPN helps you protect your data privacy and safeguard your internet connection. With a trusted VPN service, you can also access content that is restricted in your country!

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