6 Free Apps You Should Have

Last updated: 2022/12/30
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Want to revamp your computer? Here are 6 free apps you should consider. Is security a concern for you? Download a VPN for your PC to keep your device and network safe. Before you start downloading all of these apps below, we recommend you prioritise your subscription to a VPN service.

So then, let us start!

• Last Pass

This is a free application. Although there is a premium version available for $3 per month, the free version does enough. Last Pass will keep your computer transactions secure. It is generally difficult for users to set different passwords for different applications and to remember all of them at once. Isn't it? Last Pass helps you to save all your passwords as well as your payment options. It also generates strong passwords for you to increase information security. Last Pass is a great password manager application that can help you keep your internet access safe and secure. While a personal VPN keeps your internet connection secure, Last Pass keeps your passwords safe.

• Tree Size

Do you have a large amount of data to store? Do you often run out of disk space? If your answer is "yes", download Tree Size now! Tree Size is another amazing free application for you to try. It lets you know exactly which applications are consuming your disk space. This application helps you make decisions about what to eliminate or uninstall to save space for your disk.

• Libre Office Writer

Libre Office Writer is a free word processor. Many of us prefer to work with text in a local application rather than in an online document. However, for the average MS office user, the editing function is not free. This is where you need to use Libre Office Writer —— a free native word processor to work on your documents.

• Malware Bytes

Did you know that there is malware that won't let you start your computer? In fact, some malware will also block antivirus programmes. If you are still using Windows 8, you need to consider installing Malware Bytes, a software that will help you clean up any malware that may have invaded your computer. You can download its free version and give it a try first. Generally, the combination of Malware Bytes and a VPN is claimed to be the best for your device's security.

• VLC Player

VLC Player has been available for almost 20 years. Although there are many other alternatives on the market, I recommend VLC because it is easy and effective to use. The software is capable of running a large number of files at one time. Its applications are capable for Windows, MAC, I-Phone, etc. The best part is that users can use all its features for free!

• Audacity

Audio entertainment is gaining huge traction, isn't it? In fact, Audacity can help you capture your audio material quickly. The tool supports 16-bit, 24-bit and 32-bit audio transcriptions and is completely free and compatible with a wide range of applications. Why not download one and try it out for risk-free?

All in all, there are some amazing apps that can help you improve your internet browsing experience. We highly recommend that you use a VPN when you start surfing the web on your PC. Go through the options below and choose the one that works best for you now.

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