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Last updated: 2022/07/25
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Bitcoin has become more and more popular and has done so extremely quickly! It has surged to a record high pushing way above $30,000! For example, It was only 10 years ago that bitcoin still used 10,000 bitcoins to buy 2 pizzas, but as of now, every single one is worth 30,000 bitcoins!

It’s not only bitcoin that’s soaring in popularity, dogecoin and other digital currencies are just as successful! This is because virtual currency is becoming more valuable!



The coronavirus situation has caused massive inflationary pressure in many different countries all around the world. This has obviously caused a significant increase in various costs! Under these new circumstances, a lot of companies started to use bitcoin as a payment pool. This phenomenon has also boosted confidence in bitcoin. In a short period of time, it became more popular and people no longer considered it just a ‘toy’!

Unfortunately with the good also comes the bad! As digital currencies become more and more valuable this has of course got the attention of hackers!


The last thing you want is to risk your investments as you have virtually no safeguards to protect your assets, none whatsoever really! You could lose absolutely everything to hackers at any time! To protect your bitcoin it’s essential that you have a VPN installed.

I would strongly recommend that you have VPN Proxy Master installed and turned on at all times when you are dealing with any virtual currency transactions! VPN Proxy Master uses military encryption level security to ensure the safety of all your account transactions! It will reroute all of your traffic through an encrypted tunnel as well as hide your IP address too!

Not only is VPN Proxy Master essential for your security and privacy it can also let you safely access currency exchanges in areas where bitcoin trading is prohibitive.

A VPN ensures your safety when it comes to all types of payment methods! Whether it be bitcoin, credit card transactions, or any other payment method you are safe at all times.


You may not have heard of cryptocurrency, what is it you may be wondering? It’s basically virtual money!

Even though they technically operate like fiat currencies (yen, dollars & euros) unfortunately you can not use them in the physical sense. There is absolutely no bitcoin bank notes that you can withdraw and spend!


You basically have to protect your devices independently as bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies aren’t controlled or regulated by a monetary authority at all. All of your investments are very vulnerable to hackers and malware attacks. So many individuals have actually lost their funds due to hacking activity!

If hackers do in fact gain access to your bitcoin wallet there’s currently no regulatory body at all that will intervene on your behalf! If a hacker steals your bitcoin it’s no longer yours, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Many traders will keep their assets in online wallets, they will be able to access them with a private key. Your key is the only way to identify you as the real owner so it’s important that you remember it otherwise it’s game over!

Without a VPN installed you are risking leaving an IP trail that will obviously expose your real location and even your full internet history!

If you are trading in cryptocurrencies using a VPN that has no logs plus a kill switch option is vital!

A no logs VPN will never track the websites that you stream, download or read, it will not even track what you type into google! If you are really serious about your privacy and security it definitely pays off to use a VPN with a no-logs guarantee, VPN Proxy Master is definitely your best option!


Of course, there are free VPNs out there that have similar features. However, they have very different funding models. They could actually sell your data as part of their business model which obviously compromises your privacy!

As for a kill switch feature, it is without a doubt essential for crypto traders! The reason for this is that it automatically disconnects your phone, tablet, or computer from the internet until your VPN connection returns.

It will always ensure that your connection is encrypted at all times. This will make it extremely difficult for hackers to intercept your data or identity your real location.

It’s your responsibility and yours only to ensure that your online wallet is completely protected. If you use VPN Proxy Master you can definitely trade with complete confidence as having this additional layer of security in place is essential and give you peace of mind!


Like every other currency bitcoins value is determined by how much people are willing to pay for it. Bitcoins can be purchased from bitcoin exchanges, they can also be sent through mobile apps and computers. Even though bitcoins are extremely popular right now, there’s no telling what the future holds as governments believe that it encourages criminal activity such as money laundering. Therefore anonymity may be bitcoins' downfall!

During the pandemic, a lot of investors rushed to secure their money in safe havens like gold however some opted to bet on bitcoin! The investors who risked their money on bitcoin were definitely rewarded, four times higher than what gold investors gained! As a result, there is now an increasing number of global investors who are leaning toward investing in bitcoin rather than gold! This isn’t something that will happen overnight as you have to consider the large market capitalization of gold!


Yes, bitcoin makes moving money via the internet incredibly easy but it’s not risk-free, in fact far from it! If I could give you any advice at all it would be this!

  • 1. Keep separate wallets, don’t keep the bitcoins that you spend in the same wallet as your entire bitcoin savings!

  • 2. Never share your private keys with anyone else!

  • 3. Most importantly use a VPN! VPN Proxy Master is the best and only option you should even consider using! Having it installed on your devices means the added layer of security will protect you from any threats that could come your way! It’s easy to install and simple to use! Get VPN Proxy Master today!

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