How to make your Bitcoin anonymous?

Last updated: 2022/04/11
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Cryptocurrencies have become mainstream in recent years and Bitcoin is no different. The promise of Bitcoin was that the actual ledger and all transactions conducted on the blockchain will be public information. Who actually owns a Bitcoin address is information that is private? Since anyone can create a brand-new Bitcoin wallet within a few minutes, it becomes incredibly difficult to figure out who actually owns the wallet. Your transactions and other items are still visible on the blockchain. And once someone identifies a wallet as yours, it becomes next to impossible to hide your bitcoin activity.

How do Bitcoin transactions work?

Bitcoin transactions have a public ledger. Meaning that everyone has access to all transactions that took place on the network. You can use blockchain explorers and enter someone's Bitcoin address to figure out who has sent to them money and where they have sent money to. You can even follow this trail to find the origin of those bitcoins. But a Bitcoin address does not have any name or identifiable information attached to it.

You might think that it is impossible to hide transactions in a public ledger, but that is not the case. Additionally, it is also important to keep your Bitcoin address as anonymous as possible. So even if someone can track your transactions, they should not know who you are. That is what we mean when we say making your bitcoins anonymous. But we will also focus on making our transaction anonymous in this article.

Tips to make Bitcoin anonymous

Creating a brand-new Bitcoin wallet takes less than a minute if you know what you are doing. The Bitcoin wallet itself does not expose any information about you. And any breach in security and privacy will happen because of your own mistakes.

Do not reveal any private information

People do this unknowingly as well. People often expose their private information when purchasing something with Bitcoin. Especially if you are purchasing a service or a product in the real world. They will have to offer you the service or product somehow, and for that they might need your contact information or your address. And the moment you transfer bitcoins from your wallet to theirs, they will also have your wallet address. Permanently tying that address to your profile.

You should avoid using a single Bitcoin wallet for all of your purchases. And whenever possible, you should use a separate wallet for real-world purchases. Not to mention that both your anonymous wallet and your real personal wallet should not have any direct transactions between them. It is possible to track transactions through intermediary wallets back to you. So be careful.

Create your own cold wallets

Hot wallets directly connect to the Internet. For example, if you are using a service like Coinbase or Binance then you are using a hot wallet. While these wallets are easy to use, they do come with privacy concerns of their own. Binance collects identifiable information about you and verifies it. Permanently linking your Binance wallet to you.

On the other hand, a cold wallet is something that you create on your computer. Bitcoin wallets do not need any information from you when you create them. All they need is a seed and a password. One that you should never ever forget. You can create as many cold wallets as you want. And you can use them all for separate purposes.

So long as you do not directly transfer money from one cold wallet to another, you will be completely clean. But what do you do when you actually need to transfer money from one wallet to another? Well, this is where a mixing service comes in.

Use a mixing service

Bitcoin mixing services anonymize your Bitcoin by collecting Bitcoins from a lot of people in a single spot and then distributing them again to different wallets. No one knows which cryptocurrencies came from which wallets. And it becomes next to impossible to trace the transactions back to the original wallet.

Mixing services might also jump from one Bitcoin chain to another, meaning that they might give you Ethereum instead of Bitcoins back. Which you can then trade for bitcoins once more. Making them completely anonymous.

There is a societal drawback though. Mixing services make it easy to conduct illegal activity using the blockchain. So, if someone notices that you are using a mixing service to make your bitcoins anonymous, they might start looking at you with suspicion.

Use VPN Proxy Master when making transactions

Even if your Bitcoin address is completely anonymous and disconnected from you personally, you can get doxed if you do not use a VPN. Your public IP address is visible to any service that you use. A lot of these services actually have your contact information and credit card information. For example, if you ever use Netflix, then they have your IP address as well as your credit card details. Along with any other service that you have used, ever.

Without using a VPN, you are also exposing this same IP address to other people that you are conducting transactions with. They can find out where you are from, down to your neighborhood. And if someone involves their Internet service provider, well that’s game over.

By using VPN proxy master, you can ensure that no one you are conducting business with will ever find out your real IP address. You can live in the United Kingdom and appear as if you are in the States. The Bitcoin wallet address itself is anonymous. No one can ever track it back to you.

Why do you need to make Bitcoin anonymous?

There are a lot of reasons why someone might want to make the Bitcoins anonymous. Privacy concerns are always valid. Bitcoin came into being as a way to decentralize currency. To take it away from the control of governments around the world, and to convert currency into something that is public.

Let us go through some of the reasons you might want to make your Bitcoins anonymous.


Like we said, privacy is the best reason for wanting anonymity. Not everyone agrees with the concept that if you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to worry about. Governments across the world have proven time and time again that they will violate our privacy if violating it benefits those in power. Keeping your assets anonymous is the best way to protect them in the long term.

Cleaning your Bitcoin

Maybe you purchased something from a scammer and that mistakenly marks your wallet as dirty. Exchanges will refuse to work with you and if you transfer your bitcoins to another wallet, then that wallet will also be marked as dirty. Using a mixing service is the best way to clean your bitcoins.

Dodging government regulations

Not all countries are happy with bitcoins. There are plenty of countries that are considering banning them altogether, or where bitcoins are considered to be in a grey area. Having a lot of assets in a currency that a country does not recognize, and then making that information public knowledge? That will create nothing but problems for you.

Stay anonymous with VPN Proxy Master

In addition to making sure that your Bitcoin wallets and all of your transactions are anonymous, you should also try to make your regular Internet activity as anonymous as possible. Virtual private networks are the best way of ensuring that your Internet activity is private.

VPN Proxy Master encrypts all traffic leaving and entering your computer. It does not log your activity. And above all else, you can use it on any device that you want to use it on.

We live at a time when our phone manufacturers, local governments, and law enforcement agencies want to know everything about us. It is becoming difficult to stay anonymous on the Internet. But it is also becoming equally important to ensure your anonymity. Advertisers, hackers, and countless people with ill intent simply wait for an opportunity to strike.


By connecting to VPN Proxy Master, you will hide your public IP address from all of these people. Making it impossible for them to use it for geolocation and surveillance purposes. Some things like Facebook and Google will use your public IP address to target advertisements at you, even if you do not have an account with them. And as more devices in our homes use the Internet, it is becoming incredibly easy for these companies to profile us. While you may not have anything to hide, attackers and abusers use these same loopholes. When companies like Samsung cannot adequately protect their smart TV cameras, do you really have faith in the other devices in your home?

With a single subscription of VPN Proxy Master, you can share it with your family and partner so you can keep them just as safe as you. So, whether you are buying bitcoins or simply browsing the Internet, using a VPN service is the best decision you can make for your online privacy.

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