What can someone do with your IP address?

What can someone do with your IP address?

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Christian 2022/03/07
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We talk about IP addresses all the time. Whether you play video games or just spend some time on discord, you will soon realize that people think an IP address is something incredibly private. But is that really the case? What can someone really do with your IP address? What is it? And how can you ensure your privacy on the Internet? These are just a few of the many questions we will answer.

What is the IP address?

You need an IP address for every device connected to the Internet. An Internet Protocol address is a series of numbers that are unique to your connection with the Internet. For example, if you have an Internet connection with an Internet service provider, they will assign you an IP address when you connect to their servers. All communication to inform your computer will use this IP address. For household users, your modem will have a single IP. Meaning that all the people in your home will be using the same IP to communicate on the Internet.

We need an IP address for the transmission and reception of data over the internet. Without it, there is no way for data to reach you because someone will not know where to send it in the first place. Depending on where you live, your Internet service provider will be providing you with a static or dynamic IP address. The difference is in the name. Static IP addresses do not change over a period, whereas dynamic ones might change on a regular basis.

But just like how websites and services you use to know where to send the data, hackers can use your IP address as well. If a hacker obtains your device’s IP address, they can use this to obtain extremely sensitive information such as your whereabouts and online persona. They might infiltrate your devices, steal your data, and more.

How can someone obtain your IP address?

Before we talk about what our IP addresses are useful for, we should learn how someone else has finds out about it in the first place. Someone may wish to use your IP address for illegal purposes since it contains information about you. 

Any link you click will require your IP address for the server on the other end to deliver the content requested. Your IP address will be visible to whoever owns that server. This mostly happens when you receive an email from an unknown person, offering you something but you have to click on the link. do not click on lick from unknown email.

Giving your device to someone

If you give control of your device to someone, they may quickly determine your IP address thanks to a variety of free services that do so. whenever you give your device to someone especially those people you do not trust so keep an eye on them.

By hacking or connecting to your router

Anyone can easily find out your IP address if they have learned your router's password and signed in. This is an effortless way of knowing your IP address, do not share your router password with anyone. You should also have a strong password for your router, the password should have uppercase, lower case, special characters, and number in it so it is impossible for anyone to guess your password.

From general web servers

Web servers capture and store your IP address on databases every time you enter a website. Anyone with access to that server can check up your IP address. You should not visit shady websites as those websites as most of them only exist so that they can know your IP. Always use a VPN if you want to enter such websites. We recommend using VPN Proxy Master because it will change your IP address and you can stay secure.


When you are using websites and you see many ads pops in, do not click those advertisements. By clicking those advertisements, you are giving your IP address to the person running it. Many hackers create ads so that people click them, and they gain access to their IP addresses. It is better to use ad blockers in these scenarios.

Social Networks

Social media are a fun place, but these platforms also collect our information. We give them permission ourselves to collect our information. These platforms can collect a lot of our sensitive information like what we do in our daily life, who are we friends with, what are our habits, what are our interests, our likes, and dislikes, and they also know what our IP address is.

What can someone do with your IP address?

Hackers can use your IP address against you, even if it does not reveal important data like your mobile number or exact home number. If an online criminal obtains your IP address, the results can be severe, the threats might vary from simple annoyances to full-fledged cyberattacks, as well as direct assaults.

Find out your location

Your IP address reveals the city you are in. Thus, if a person with sinister motives discovers it, you might be in serious trouble. Let us say you have posted on social media that you are going on a vacation. A thief merely needs to search a little deeper to locate your home and steal everything in it while you are away. An IP address identifies the city in which you are located. Once they have that information, they may be able to look you up online and determine your exact address. Many home intruders monitor social media to see when homeowners leave on vacation. When hackers have IP addresses, it is simple to figure out which residences to target, so make sure your property is safe while you are away.

Monitor your online activity

ISPs own IP addresses, and each address belongs to a specific user. Employers may be able to monitor and track everything that you do online if you use your work network, giving you little privacy. Not everybody wants to use your IP address for illicit means.

Many employers will try to trace your activity using your IP addresses, especially with the introduction of telecommuting. Even if such tactics are not strictly unlawful, they still violate your privacy. Different actors monitor us without our knowledge. Authorities like the CIA and NSA do so for security purposes, they do not interfere, but we will always feel insecure because of this knowledge. There is no reason for us to trust them, is there?

Hack your digital devices

We use a lot of digital devices nowadays and a hacker with your IP can attempt to penetrate one of the many digital devices you have. They can force a connection, control your phone, and steal your sensitive information. For example, if a criminal gains access to any of your devices, the hacker can install a malware and gain full access of your device without you knowing about it. That black hat is able to listen you, see you, and can record you too. They can download the information from your device to theirs use it against you.

IP ban / geo-blocking restriction

Potential robbers are not the only ones that care about your location. Many online services use your IP address to gather this information and block your access to the service. YouTube TV, for example, enables you to see solely local programming from your city. Unless you use a Netflix VPN to alter your Netflix region, Netflix knows what nation you are in and gives you access to that country's catalogue of episodes and movies.

Other businesses charge various amounts based on your location. Someone in India for example will only be paying a fraction of the amount compared to someone in the United States.

How to hide your IP address?

You can hide your IP from local authorities, website owners and anything else of which you can think. The only thing you need is use a service like VPN Proxy Master. By connecting to their servers, you will be hiding your real IP address and any service you use will only be able to see their servers instead. Not just that, but your own Internet service provider will not be able to trace your online activities. You will be able to bypass any Geo restrictions set in place by Netflix or your local government.

People from across the world use VPN services to ensure that their online communications are private and secure. Businesses use a VPN to communicate with their branches across cities, countries, and continents. Hospitals use a VPN to make sure that the patient's medical records are secure as their doctors access them from various locations.

By signing up for VPN Proxy Master, you can ensure the online privacy and safety of your entire family. Because you can share a single subscription with up to six devices at a time.

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