Information Leak to Dark Web: How to Avoid or Know

Information Leak to Dark Web: How to Avoid or Know

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Christian 2022/05/13
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We now live in a world where cybersecurity is more important than ever. The epidemic has brought security awareness to the forefront. The reason is that more people start to work remotely. It is relevant to keep personal information out of the wrong hands in our life. However, it also influences our private lives. When we are surfing or working online, cybercriminals are also waking to steal our information. They may use these data on the dark web when they successfully get these data. Do you know what it is and its dangers to you? In this blog, we will learn about the dark web, its threats to your data, and safety measures.

What is a Dark Web

The dark web is a private, extensively encrypted section of the internet. It draws people who value privacy, such as criminals and hackers. Dark web pages are not accessible to search engines like Google and Bing. Thus most people are unaware of their existence. You must have its address when you want to get to it.

The dark web is also rife with unlawful activity, including selling stolen or illegal products. These include credit card details and personal information, which criminals can counterfeit somebody.

What can somebody do with Your Personal Information on the Dark Web?

Here's the harsh reality: there's a probability that your data is already available on dark websites. Every year, data breaches occur, with some exposing hundreds of millions of user profiles. It includes government agencies, online banking, social media, internet forums, etc.

Criminals value even fragments of sensitive material from large-scale breaches. Nonetheless, hackers gather all of the personal information into sets (dubbed "fullz"). These sets are hazardous since they may contain names, phone numbers, addresses, social security numbers, and bank accounts.

The fraudsters put your personal information on the dark web for sale. Criminals may buy your data and use them to take advantage of you.

It’s highly risky when somebody manages to get your personal information. The following are some of the activities someone can do with your information;

  • First, the hackers can use your personal information to steal funds from your banks by impersonating you.

  • They can use it to blackmail you and tarnish your reputation.

  • They can use it to send phishing scams that use stolen personal information to earn your confidence.

  • Hackers may break into your account and change your password, locking you out.

  • You may experience business loss as a result of downtime and post-breach auditing.

How Can Your Information End up on the Dark Web

Phishing Scams. If you're not careful, it's simple to fall for phishing scams. The scammer gets access to your information once you've entered it. They can then use your information to steal your identity or sell it on the dark web. For example, you may request to change your Twitter password on your email.

  • Massive Data breaches. Significant data hacks are common ways for your data to find on the dark web and in the hands of criminals. This information could contain names and other sensitive personal information.

  • Using unsecured public WiFi. Cyberattacks are possible on public WiFi networks. Third parties can monitor your internet activity, making it easier to steal your information. Before you've eaten your mocha, your credit card information could be available for purchase on the dark web browser.

How to Find Out if Your Information is on the Dark Web

The Dark Web is enormous, and not all of its information is trustworthy. As a result, locating it isn't always sure. On the good side, numerous tools and firms are available to assist you.

Data leaks are easiest to spot with the help of dark web scanners. Such scanners are Echosec Beacon or SpyCloud ATO Prevention. You can have these scans done manually or by an automated tool that searches the Dark Web. If they discover anything, they will make you aware of it.

Network traffic monitors like WhatsUp Gold can look for Dark Web activity. They can alert you to uncover anything suspicious. However, these applications can identify Tor entry and exit nodes. They do this even when Dark Web traffic is anonymous. But they can tell you something is going on, even if they don't reveal what information is on the Dark Web.

What to do if You Find Out your Information is on the Dark Web

There is no magic method for erasing your personal information from the dark web. You can’t make someone take it down once it's up. Unless the FBI shuts down the domain where the criminals store your stolen data.

However, this does not imply that you are helpless in an attack. If your personal information becomes up on the dark web, you should do a few things.

  • Change your passwords on all accounts.

Change your passwords immediately if you think or detect your details on the dark web. You should not reuse passwords across several accounts, and they should preferably be long, complex, and random.

  • Contact your friends and family members.

The criminals who have your information may use them to scam your friends. It's better to reach them as fast as possible and warn them of any likely fraudster pausing.

  • Contact your banks and lenders.

When fraudsters have stolen your banking information, close your accounts right away. Your bank or credit card company will assist you in closing existing accounts and opening new ones. They'll also help you set up fraud alarms to keep you safe.

  • Freeze your credit reports.

A credit freeze should be your top priority if someone exploits your information to open credit cards or loans. A credit freeze prohibits others from viewing your credit report. It also makes it more difficult for identity thieves to open accounts in your name.

How to prevent the threats

Recognizing the dark web and the threats it causes to your online security is an essential step. While most of us are familiar with the "surface web," which includes Google, Amazon, Facebook, and many other user-friendly, genuine websites and search engines daily, the internet is a lot wider realm than most people think.

You should not take the Dark Web lightly, but it's also not something to fear, and you may stop and neutralize any Dark Web dangers. You can achieve it through thorough and regular monitoring and protection strategies. It will better equip you to defend yourself if you act quickly.

The dark web’s threats have prompted many people to rethink their data privacy and network security processes. Many people understand that bolstering their cybersecurity before a breach or data leak is critical.

  • Practice cyber-hygiene

 Clicking any link can make a fraudster steal your private information. Everyone must know the basic safety measures, such as not sharing passwords with unauthorized persons.

  • Use VPN when connect to Public WiFi

You can use different security measures such as a VPN whenever you are information. The most important thing is to prevent your details from being leaked into the dark web. VPN Proxy Master is the most secure VPN that will tunnel your internet connections and avoid eavesdropping.


Today your online security is just as crucial as your way of livelihood. It would help if you thus protected it, by all means, to ensure no one can access and know what you do online. You should also ensure no unauthorized persons can get your personal information.

VPN Proxy Master has bank-level encryption. The AES 256-but encryption is the latest security standard that ensures that nobody can track you and steal your information even when using public WiFi.

You can trust VPN Proxy Master, and you are sure of your online security. Click here to download VPN Proxy Master and enjoy surfing without worries! If you want to learn more about dark web, you can read this article for more details.

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