Happy Father's Day: The Best Gift for Dad's Online Security

Last updated: 2024/06/14
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Father's Day is coming. Do you still remember how you got along with your father when you were a child? In many people's memories, Father uses his strong arms to help us block the malice of the world and protect us from being bullied by bad people. When we were young, our father gave us an endless sense of security. He was our eternal haven and safe house. Now, we have grown up. What can we do for our father?

Real data on fraud cases from 2022 to 2023

According to data summarized by the FBI, in 2022-23, an estimated 8.7% of persons (1.8 million) experienced card fraud, which was higher than the rate in 2021-22 (8.1%).

  • 8.7% of persons (1.8 million) experienced card fraud
  • 2.5% of persons (514,300) experienced a scam
  • 1.0% of persons (199,100) experienced identity theft
  • 2.1% of persons (434,300) experienced online impersonation

Among them, more than half of the victims were over 35 years old. Their property losses also accounted for a higher proportion. As technology develops, cybercriminals are becoming more and more clever in their deception techniques. Many times, it is difficult for us to distinguish a phishing link disguised as an ordinary website, or to tell whether the netizen I am chatting with is a real person or an AI.

What risks will our father meet online?

When we were young, we couldn’t keep up with adults, so our fathers would slow down and wait for us. Now our fathers may not be able to keep up with the speed of Internet development, but the times will not slow down and wait for them. They will encounter many kinds of fraud, including online impersonation, identity theft, scam, card fraud, etc.

What can we do?

(1) Often share cybersecurity knowledge with Dad, and teach him how to recognize cybercriminals:

a. Use strong password

b. Don't use unknown public Wi-Fi

c. Don’t reveal your real personal information on social media

d. Do not click on unknown links or emails

(2) Choose a reliable and trustable VPN and download it for our father

Why should we download a VPN for online security and privacy?

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network. This technology is used to encrypt Internet connections. It helps protect your private information and transmit it confidentially between two different locations.

What benefit can VPN Proxy Master bring to us?

VPN Proxy Master is committed to providing users with the best security services. As a reliable network security app, we have the following features:

  • Easy to use: Our service is very easy to use, just click a button to connect to our VPN and then you can enjoy a safe online environment.
  • AES 256-bit encryption: VPN Proxy Master uses the highest encryption standard 256-bit AES on iOS, Android, macOS and Windows.
  • DDoS protection: We have strongly encrypted servers to give you full protection against DDoS attacks, to ensure your safe journey online.
  • Auto kill switch: Once your device loses connection to the VPN server, the kill switch automatically disconnects your device from the Internet until you reconnect to the VPN, protecting your data and privacy.
  • Safer public Wi-Fi connection: Use the public Wi-Fi freely without worrying about malware attacks.
  • Mask your personal IP: Only one click to fully protect your online identity.


With all these features, VPN Proxy Master provides users with the best network security. Now we have launched a Father's Day offer, download VPN Proxy Master and use it for free for three months. Click here to give dads a special gift so that they can enjoy a safe network environment. Finally, on Father's Day, don't forget to give your dad a hug!

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