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Last updated: 2022/04/13
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After two years of a global pandemic, the 64th annual Grammy Awards telecast on April 3 celebrated (in person) unity. This year, the presentation prioritized youthful, relevant artists with current songs who don't fit into old, established Grammy themes. Further, we cannot ignore the host, Trevor Noah’s consistent flow of dad-joke groans, and the wild mishmash of performances ranging from sensory overload to maudlin tear-jerking. Lastly, the safe Album of the Year choice completely ignored what music fans listen to during the year.

Grammy Awards 2022 Rankings

17. “Dead Man’s Curve” by Brothers Osbourne

This country combo turned on one of the night's most energetic performances despite the suffocating event and Jon Batiste’s bizarre Album of The Year triumph. The fact that country music had its Chainsmokers was a surprise to many. Nonetheless, we could appreciate practically every other musical number in a new light because of it.

16. The Rooftop Performances

This year’s Grammys featured many amazing, brilliant, but lesser-known performers performing on the building’s rooftop. It was supposed to be a method to promote some brilliant artists, but we only received 30 seconds of each performance, making it difficult to judge their quality. Some of them were promising—Aymée Nuviola, Billie Strings, and more—so you can find them at CBS.com.

15. “Peaches” by Justine Beiber ft Daniel Caesar and Given

Peaches is one of the bests songs featured in the 2022 Grammy. However, the performance of the song was not as captivating as we had expected. It had long, dispersed bursts of bleating! There was a lot of dead air that did't correspond with the song's actual lyrics!

14. “Qué Más Peus” and “ In Da Ghetto” by J.Balvin

The Grammys seemed to deny J Balvin a budget at first since "Qué Más Pues” began with simply the artist performing. Further, Olivia Rodrigo has a car! After Becerra stole the show, Balvin broke into “In Da Getto," accompanied by some seated arm-dancing buddies. It was cool, but the artist never seemed to be in the mood.

13. “Cold” by Chris Stapleton

Chris Stapleton had a great voice during this telecast, but he lacked stage presence. Although it was adequate, we doubt this will go down in the annals of "great Grammys performances." Chris, we don't know why you have to be so cold: Never underestimate the power of good showmanship!

12. “Love for Sale,” “Do I Love You?” by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga entered the big-band strains of "Love For Sale" and gave one of the night's most striking performances. Her varying vocal styles created an oddly off-putting overall impact even within the same song. She wanted to nail every jazz tone and mannerism, which was a touch much.

11. “Dead Right Now," "Montero," and “Industry Baby” by Lil Nas

He was quiet, considering how inflammatory Lil Nas X could have been alive at the Grammys. An album-spanning performance ("Dead Right Now," "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)," and "Industry Baby") was solid but not remarkable. It's uncharacteristic of him.

10. “Ghost Story” by Carrie Underwood

It was a beautiful song. However, who on the Carrie Underwood crew thought it was a good idea to have her sing it as a hilariously gigantic? Additionally, a ghostly lighted version of herself floated on the massive screens behind her. The result was unexpectedly amusing, making us enjoy the show a little more than we might have otherwise, though not for the reasons Underwood and co-planned.

09. “Free” by Nas

It was a little awkward. The whole celebration halted to tell us that we should all be doing something else. Legend’s rendition of “Free,” with Ukrainian musician Suzianna Iglidan, felt rushed. As with many well-intentioned efforts, this song was a jarring disturbance of the tone of everything around it.

08. “I Can,” “Rare,” “One Mic,” and “Made You Look” by Nas

Nas was accompanied by a full big band locked into his groove, but there wasn't enough time to see if it was a wise move. "I Can" lasted roughly 30 seconds before moving to "Made You Look." After "One Mic," the rapper cranked it up and reminded everyone how great he has been for decades. That shoehorned large band was merely icing on the cake; no natural flare, just substance.

07. “Damage/ Are You Gonna Go My Way/We made it” by H.E.R.

Starting with only herself and a mic was cool. H.E.R. immediately moved to the drums to show off her skills. A duet with Lenny Kravitz on his “Are You Gonna Go My Way" saw her return to the mic after a brief absence. It was pleasant, if a little ludicrous, to see the Grammys embracing the silly foolishness.

06. “Right on Time” by Brandi Carlile

Brandi Carlile started "Right On Time" at the piano. The vocalist switched from her instrument to a guitar strap before the applause. A vibrant light show and a supporting band make this song shine. Moreover, she burst out laughing at the conclusion, which was lovely.

05. “Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo

It's as if she was going to perform "Driver's License" and not start it inside of a car. It worked: Olivia Rodrigo opted for the apparent stage accouterment, but it worked: This was a powerful performance that contrived to feel natural and potent, even with the silly imitation butterflies flying about over her head.

04. “Freedom” by Jon Bastite

On the piano, Batiste began his performance, as many others did. Thankfully, he soon carried things into unexpectedly thrilling terrain. The man can put on a show. The musician threw the kitchen sink at the audience, turning the candy-colored stage into a theater-kid tent-revival show. There would be more joyous occasions to come.

03. “Happier Than Ever” by Billie Eilish

Eilish, dressed in a Taylor Hawkins T-shirt, performed "Happier Than Ever" in an upside-down hotel suite soaked with water. Until she went out onto the stage for the song's explosive, arena-rock part, it looked like Eilish was having a good time, and her performance was above par.

02. “777” by Silk Sonic

The Grammys' opening number was also a classic. Putting aside the fact that the voters should recognize Anderson Paak for simultaneously drumming and rapping, Bruno Mars and his partner in groove knocked the house down with this song, proving that both are born performers who also write irresistible funk-pop.

01. “Butter” by B.T.S.

It was one of the night's most outstanding performances. B.T.S produced an "energetic, professional, and awe-inspiring" performance. We might even say that all these B.T.S. kids have a future in music." The group's effortless theater-kid elegance made the spy-themed performance even more enjoyable. Great job, “Butter”! And we mean it without reservation!

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