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Last updated: 2022/08/10
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Where do we do most of our private and confidential browsing? Well at the home of course! Most of us spend countless hours online in the comfort of our own homes, especially during the pandemic. So it’s important we are protected.

Our lives have been turned upside down due to the pandemic. We have all had to adapt not only in our personal life but in our work life also. Work files that are confidential could possibly be accessed and private information shared with others. No professional business person can afford to take that risk!


A VPN is essential as it protects all of your online activities by building an encrypted tunnel between your traffic and anyone who wants to access your information and spy on you!

Obviously, people associate a VPN with having protection when out and about. If you connect to public networks you're at a higher risk of your information being accessed. But there are also risks at home! The risks are of course not as high at home but they are still there therefore it’s important to be protected.


Not only can a VPN protect your privacy at home, but it can also allow you to access streaming content that maybe you would have been unable to watch before without a VPN.

It seems that there’s no end in sight to the current pandemic, boredom and frustration have kicked in and the only thing keeping us sane is being able to spend time online.

Overall we are more safe surfing the net at home than we are connected to a public network. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t threats online in our own homes.


For example, in the USA congress has allowed ISPs to sell data about users and their online activities to absolutely anyone who is interested. ISPs do state that all of the information is anonymized. However, this still is an extremely unnerving thought.

I think we can all agree that this year has been one we would all like to forget! Since the outbreak began there has been a huge increase in demand when it comes to online home security. One minute we are working in our high-tech office and the next we are forced to up route our work to home. Privacy is important when we are conducting business online.


VPN Proxy Master uses the strongest encryption standard, and using brute force methods ensures that your privacy is protected.

You need to insure that you hide your IP address with professionalism. VPN Proxy Master is 100% free secured and easy to use. Secure your internet traffic with cutting-edge encryption technology.


Not only do we now work from home, but we also live most of our lives online, especially at a time like this. Online shopping and internet browsing carry many risks. By shopping online you're putting your personal bank details out there for the world to access. Without a VPN your financial information can be accessed by just about anyone who has the skills to hack!


VPN Proxy Master is very efficient not only against viruses but against hackers too. Here are just a few of the benefits of having one at home.

  • hide your location and your IP address

  • you will have a completely secure WiFi connection

  • quality encryption

  • no record keeping with a VPN

When we have our internet installed the last thing we think about is possible hacking threats. It’s not something that people worry about but in fact, they should be concerned. All internet routers come with an allocated password, it’s up to us to insure we change that password to a more unique one to keep ourselves protected.


Having a VPN stops ISP from tracking your online activity. Connecting to the internet using a VPN insures that your internet provider won't be able to monitor what you're doing online.

It’s important to understand what exactly internet traffic means. Basically, it is the flow of traffic between your computer and the internet. Your data is completely open and accessible to absolutely anyone who has the ability to intercept it such as government agencies, hackers, and even your internet service provider.


Have you ever been surfing the net and suddenly all of these ads start to appear on your social media which are related to exactly what you were just searching for? Receiving targeted ads aren’t a coincidence at all, they are exactly as they sound!

If various companies get a hold of your data by accessing your search history and preferences that’s what can be used to create these ads!

Anyone with the right tools can intercept passwords! One minute your privacy is intact and the next your banking information and anything else you transmit via the Internet is now in someone else’s hands.

I wouldn’t be without VPN Proxy Master on my device and you shouldn’t be without one either! Not only is it a free VPN, but it’s also user-friendly and offers secure and safe connections for internet users.


VPN Proxy Master is easy to download and install from either Google Play or the Apple Store. Follow these simple steps and you will be provided with the ultimate VPN privacy.

  • 1. Download the app

  • 2. Agree to the terms and conditions

  • 3. Connect to the VPN server! It really is that easy!

It really is a great tool to help you create a secure network connection to another network.

They come with a wide range of settings for enhanced security.

They really are a blessing in disguise. It provides a safe way to keep all of your browsing completely private and gives you complete peace of mind that no one is able to access your information.

So go ahead and set up the safest protection for online security at home. Enjoy a secure, private, and anonymous browsing experience without the need to worry!

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