What is Data Privacy Day 2022?

Last updated: 2022/04/15
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Data Privacy Day: what is it? While this is an international celebration, few people know what Data Privacy Day is. However, Data Privacy Day and the issue of data protection have become ever more important in this digital media landscape. Therefore, you should learn what it is in order to better protect your digital self. This article will include everything you need to know about it. Let's check this out to find more information about Data Privacy Day!

The birth of Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day is celebrated on January 28 every year. In Europe, it is also known as Data Protection Day. It is originated in 2007. The reason for celebrating Data Privacy Day on January 28 every year is because of a 1981 council. This council is widely known as the Convention for the Protection of Individuals. In general, this council is a European treaty that protects the right to privacy of every individual.

The goal of Data Privacy Day is to commemorate this historical council. Also, it aims to promote awareness among people in data protection and privacy. Furthermore, aligns with the goal of the 1981 historical council, the Data Privacy Day advocated for digital privacy.

The day was initiated by the Council of Europe in 2007. Nowadays, it's an international event that is celebrated all around the world. The day took place in not only European countries, but worldwide. More and more countries saw the importance of data privacy. And this day became a bridge for them to communicate the issues of data protection.

The importance of Data Privacy Day

It can see that the history of Data Privacy Day is comparatively short. That's why a lot of people still didn't realize the importance of Data Privacy Day. As mentioned above, the aim of Data Privacy Day is to arouse public awareness toward data protection and digital privacy.

This event successfully promoted a lot of improvement and development of data protection. In addition, the Data Privacy Day set up agenda for data privacy concerns every year. It also facilitates conversations between the government, the public, and other stakeholders such as tech giants.

More and more people are now aware of data privacy. That is, data privacy should be a concern in both the public and private sectors. Data Privacy Day is important to everyone. Since data privacy could impact individuals in a significant way. It's time to check out how does data breach affects you.

How does Data Breach affect you

Nowadays, data breaches are no longer an unusual thing. Some might be thinking that data breaches are rare and such situation only happens in movies such as Matrix. However, in the real world, this is not the case. In fact, data breaches are extremely common. Due to the pandemic, more and more people and businesses have turned to virtual. Cybercriminals saw the monetary opportunities.

Furthermore, data collections are not an uncommon thing, as well. Recently, Google and Facebook were fined by France, due to its manipulation of personal data over cookies. Why they are doing that? Because data, nowadays, is money. They could generate millions of dollars by exploiting data. That's why tech giants are frantic about data collection.

That is, the problem of the data breach is relevant to all of us. Considered all your data, including browsing history, files or content you downloaded, your conversation, all being monitored by others. It's terrifying. However, don't panic. Since data breach is stoppable. Let's explore how to guarantee your data is private.

How to ensure your data is private?

Now you know the importance of the event and how does Data Breach affect you. And you must realize the seriousness of data privacy. The question is, how to ensure your data is private? How to protect your data and digital information? The following article will guide you to learn how to protect your cybersecurity.

Why use VPN for data privacy?

Using a reliable VPN could protect your digital activities. Your data is one of the important parts of digital activities. With a reliable VPN, you can guarantee all your data is fully encrypted. Why? How a VPN could protect all your privacy?

VPN, also known as Virtual Private Network, is a private and encrypted network over the public one. VPN usually offers reliable encryption, such as AES-256 encryption. Such a feature could encrypt users' browsing history, data, and other sensitive information.

That's why you could use VPN for data privacy. In fact, a reliable and great VPN could let you use it for a lot of purposes. VPN is a necessity for all people. And it's the best tool for data privacy. But, what is considered a good VPN? How to choose a reliable VPN for use?

What is considered the best VPN?

A good VPN should be reliable, fast, and secure. It should offer VPN exclusive features, such as a no-log policy and automatic kill-switch. For instance, a VPN proxy with a no-log policy ensures you that the VPN will not collect any of your information. That is to say, with a VPN, only you will know your data. And your data privacy is totally ensured.

VPN Proxy Master is one of the most secure and reliable VPNs in the world. The aims of VPN Proxy Master align with the goal of Data Privacy Day. Same as the Data Privacy Day, VPN Proxy Master advocates for data protection. In fact, VPN Proxy Master is able to protect users' data privacy.

VPN Proxy Master offers best-in-class VPN experiences with AES-256 encryption. What is AES-256 encryption? It's the strongest encryption standard in the world. Even the government in the United States uses it. That is, with VPN Proxy Master, you could enjoy the best-in-class encryption and absolute privacy that comes along.

What is VPN Proxy Master?

As mentioned above, VPN Proxy Master is one of the best-in-class VPN proxies in the world. VPN Proxy Master is currently used by millions of users from all around the world. As one of the best VPN proxies, VPN Proxy Master advocates not only data privacy, but internet freedom. That is, everyone should have the same right to access the internet and the content.

Besides its strong encryption features, there are numerous benefits of using VPN Proxy Master for other purposes. That is. you could use VPN Proxy Master for gaming, entertainment, browsing, and more. VPN Proxy Master is available on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Smart TVs, and more. More importantly, you could use VPN Proxy Master on 6 devices, simultaneously. That is, it's time to enjoy the absolute privacy and internet freedom on all your digital devices.

What's more, VPN Proxy Master offers numerous exclusive VPN features. All features are aimed to protect your data privacy and ensure your online freedom. It's time to subscribe to VPN Proxy Master.


From this article, now you know what is Data Privacy Day, and why it's relevant to you. Data Privacy Day is important and relevant for all people. At the same time, you know data breaches can be prevented by simply using a VPN proxy. That is, it's time to subscribe to VPN Proxy Master. As an internet security company, VPN Proxy Master advocates for absolute internet freedom and data privacy. The good news is that VPN Proxy Master offers 30-day money-back guarantee. It means that you can get your money back within 30 days of use if you are not satisfied. Let's celebrate Data Privacy Day with VPN Proxy Master!

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