Internet Security During COVID-19 Surges

Last updated: 2022/12/28
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VPN Proxy Master is an encrypted VPN connection application that helps people around the world to gain internet security. It issued a statement on the increased demand for VPN access during COVID-19.

Following the surge of WFH, VPN providers are struggling to accommodate the 44% increase in demand for protecting IP addresses. Additionally, in the months leading up to the outbreak, VPNs had already grown to include around 31% of internet users. Other than that, it had an increase in demand across 75 countries as COVID-19 as social distancing measures implanted.

There is no end in sight for individuals to WFH on their own private internet connections at the moment. VPNs' ability to protect file sharing, enhance remote access, bypass blocker and filters, and increase security has made private networks essential during COVID-19.

VPN Proxy Master, has answered the call during a time when established VPN companies are not able to meet demands. Launching the top mobile free VPN provision app, it has aptly rolled out new features for macOS and Windows to ultimately enhance customer privacy.

“Privacy is essential when conducting business online. Many of the world’s most important business personnel use their own devices at home when exchanging critical information and documents today,” said Lucas Leung, Chief Executive Officer of VPN Proxy Master. “Internet security needs to be accessible to everyone, which is what inspired us to launch this app.”

VPN Proxy Master uses AES-256-bit encryption, the strongest encryption standard, which is virtually impenetrable using brute-force methods. It is one of the first few VPN brands in the market that has DNS over HTTPS (DoH) support, bringing the security of using the VPN to the next level. With this kind of configuration, users can secure their DNS queries when they browse the web. They offer a layer of encryption that was not previously accessible. Note: for best security, use it together with a VPN that supports DoH.

Apart from that, the VPN Proxy Master Privacy Policy is covered by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR EU) and is protected under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA Singapore). It comes with secure features like Kill Switch, DNS Leak Protection, IP Address Leak Protection, and no log function. What's more, the app also claim to accepts Bitcoin as payment from users.

“If you are worried about data exposure or someone collecting your information, now is the time to hide your IP address with professionalism,” said Leung. “Our app enables users to protect up to 5 devices simultaneously, so you can get back to work. Enjoy a fast connection anytime, anywhere.”

VPN Proxy Master comes with comparable pricing for the premium version when compared to market competitors. Check https://vpnproxymaster.com/ to learn more!

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