Use Netflix at school, work or travelling with VPN Service


Read this if you are a Netflix fan. A VPN service comes to your rescue. However, let us build a perspective first.

In the first, what you see on Netflix depends on which country you belong to. Secondly, all schools block entertainment applications like Netflix. So then, how do you stream amazing entertainment content? In fact, working professionals in various corporate companies face the same challenge.

Do you relate to these challenges? Here’s an amazing rescue plan. Go for a VPN download now. Here’s what the BEST VPN does. The moment you get a VPN installed, you get rid of all the above-mentioned issues.

So then, how does it all happen? Here are amazing things a Free VPN can do for you:

Location Masking

Here’s the first amazing feature. In simple words, location masking refers to hiding your real location. So then, how does a VPN do this? When you connect to a VPN, it latches you to a VPN server. All your internet transactions are routed through VPN servers. This way when you interact with a destination it appears that your location is that of the VPN server.

In short, a VPN service can help you access content that is restricted in your country. In fact, location-specific content availability isn’t restricted to Netflix only. Have you ever seen this message on youtube – “This content is not available in your location”? If yes –This is probably because of location restrictions.

What should you do? These simple steps will never make you face this problem. Go on your VPN settings. Latch on to a server in a different country. The content you want to access should not be restricted to the country you are choosing.

Whoa, you will now appear as a user of a country where the content is not restricted. Hence, you can access the content.


Secondly, a VPN service creates a tunnel. This tunnel helps you access Netflix in your school. In fact, if you are a working professional you can now use a VPN to access Netflix content. How does this all happen? What does this tunnel do? Here is a simple explanation.

In the first place, let us understand how this tunnel works. A VPN establishes a tunnel between your device and your destination. All internet transactions happen inside this tunnel. Nobody outside this tunnel can peep inside the tunnel to see what internet transactions are happening.