Top 10 hacker and cybersecurity movies of all time

Last updated: 2022/04/13
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The film industry has covered a variety of topics in its movies. From action to thriller, from horror to comedy, and a lot more. The film industry has made some exceptional hacking and cybersecurity movies in all this. Also, people around the world watch these movies. Many hackers got inspiration from movies like these. Nevertheless, many people developed an interest in cybersecurity and online activities. 

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Top 10 Hacker & Cybersecurity Movies All The Time 

Over the years, the western film industry has produced many hacker and cybersecurity movies. In general, they have been pretty well-received and some have even reach cult-status. Below, we will look at top hacker and cybersecurity movies of all time in this article.

Who Am I (2014)

The first movie we have on the list is “Who Am I.” This movie is a German techno-thriller. And it was released in 2014. This is a story of a group of invisible people in this world, but they aimed for global fame with the help of computer hacking and breaching cybersecurity. Also, the protagonist is seen plunging into the internet to explore the other side of this platform and ways to be popular. 

This German film highlights topics like security and identity on the internet. From the beginning, it is pretty evident that the movie is not only about darkened rooms and fraudulent activities. This movie sheds light on how easy it is to hack our smartphones and laptops. The movie is the updated version of the 1995 movie Hackers. Also, There’s a very obvious Fight Club comparison because of similar scenes and storylines. 

Snowden (2016)

This movie is about a guy, Edward Snowden, who leaves his job at the National Security Agency. Why? Because of the fact that he disclosed the truth about governmental surveillance of information of the foreign governments and ordinary people. Then, Snowden feels disillusioned with the intelligence community and decides to leak classified information. This puts a very different perspective of Snowden on people. Some label him a traitor, whereas others call him a hero, and the law declares him a fugitive. 

That is, it can see that the film is based on the true story of Edward Snowden. This movie highlights the severe issue of illegal mass surveillance. And it is an actual issue faced by individuals all around the globe. Also, Snowden talks about some serious issues related to cybersecurity and how governments infiltrate into the lives of ordinary citizens. According to The Guardian, this movie is hair-raising taut, and intense. 

The Matrix (1999)

The Matrix is one of the earliest hacker movies. It's a 1999 film. And it revolves around the aspect of hacking. The story is about an ordinary individual, Neo, an average computer programmer by day and a hacker by night. The story picks up when Neo is targeted by the police after being contacted by a famous hacker labeled a terrorist by the government. Also, the protagonist is a rebel against machines, and he is working to confront and fight against the computers programmed to Neo’s rebellion. 

Consequently, Neo realizes that the life he knows is an absolute deception of an evil cyber-intelligence. The Matrix earned over $400,000,000 on the box office. Also, some believed that it was an exceptional movie, whereas others mentioned that the movie would’ve been better without all the violence. 

WarGames: The Death Code (2008)

Another exciting movie about a hacker was WarGames: The Death Code. This movie was released in 2008. The story was about a young teen boy playing an online terrorist-attack simulator game. Nevertheless, the United States Department of Homeland Security believed he was a real terrorist. 

The movie shows how the government officials track down a computer whiz (protagonist). Also, the movie received recognition. And the online gamer turned terrorist story attracted many. 

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

This movie was thrilling and intriguing on another level. The girl with the dragon tattoo was released in 2011. This movie is about a woman who has been missing for forty years and how a computer hacker aids a journalist in his search for that woman. The movie takes unexpected turns and twists. 

The computer hacker helps the journalist do a background check for the investigation and find out what actually happened to that woman. The movie is rated R because of the brutal violence, including torture and language. This movie falls under Crime, Drama, Thriller, and Mystery. According to The Guardian, David Fincher has given this movie a Hollywood treatment and created a sleek but chilly thriller. 

Unfriended: Dark Web (2018)

We are all aware of the dark web and how nasty this side of the internet can be. The movie, Unfriended: Dark Web was released in 2018. This movie shows how five friends looking for online gaming end up watching disturbing videos of people who appear to be in danger. This innocent group of friends looking for some fun end up being a target of something horrible and helplessly watch the cruel acts in terror. 

This movie has raised some inventive suspense among viewers. The movie majorly drives your focus towards digital cruelty and how you are being monitored through the internet. 

The Imitation Game (2014)

The Imitation Game talks about legendary cryptanalyst Alan Turing based on a real-life story. This movie is thrilling as it highlights the race against time by the protagonist and his exceptional team of code-breakers during the darkest days of World War II. 

This movie has proved to be rousingly entertaining for the viewers, and the People’s Choice Award has endorsed it. The movie shows how the protagonist brings victory to the Allies by inventing a revolutionary machine, giving birth to the computer age. 

Untraceable (2008)

Untraceable is another terrifying thriller about a psychopath devising plans to kill people online in live streaming videos. This movie shows how cybercriminals take their crime to another level by killing people and how the FBI and police are trying various methods to catch this murderer. 

A lot of thought has been put into this movie. This movie is produced and directed with intelligence and skill. It sheds light on the doable things with the anonymity of the internet and how dangerous this can be. 

Zero Days (2016)

Zero Days gained popularity because it talked about the Stuxnet computer virus, which was used in a deadly attack on Iran’s nuclear program by the U.S. and Israel. This movie highlights the destruction caused by cyber warfare and how countries use technology to attack vulnerable foreign countries. The movie shows how cyber technology is enough to make conventional nuclear war seem benign in comparison. 

Blackhat (2015)

Last but not least, we have another thriller, Blackhat. The protagonist plays a buff computer hacker working with the FBI and Chinese intelligence to chase cybercriminals. This movie is fascinating because it is a high-tech action thriller about the human condition. The protagonist is a keyword wizard helping the agencies to catch criminals who are stealing fortunes and destroying nuclear plants with the help of the internet. 

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Watching some good hacking movies on the internet can be exciting. The top 10 movies mentioned in this article are intriguing and thrilling if you are looking for something related to hacking and cybersecurity. These movies have bagged several awards and have a separate fan base. 

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