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The Best Virtual Gift Ideas for Christmas and New Year 2021

The Best Virtual Gift Ideas for Christmas and New Year 2021

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VPN Proxy Master 2021/12/09
Last updated : 2022/04/15
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Christmas and New Year are actually here! This is a great time for expressing your love and appreciation to others and yourself by giving great gifts. Nevertheless, shopping and selecting Christmas & New Year gifts could be extra hard. A good gift on a holiday day might be stunning and memorable for a lifetime, nevertheless, an unlikable gift will turn your memory into a disaster: no one would like to hear that. That is to say, you need some guidance for your gift selection. It's time to delve into some Christmas & New Year gift ideas with VPN Proxy Master!

Why send digital gifts is better now?

While a lot of people perceived Christmas gifts as elegantly wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree, now such perception will be soon turned into preterite. In the current digital age, it's normal to see people send and receive virtual gifts. Furthermore, as the Covid-19 situation is continually evolving, people might unable to gather to celebrate Christmas and New Year together. That's why sending a virtual gift will be a great option. What's more, sending virtual gifts will be much more convenient: with one click, you are free to go. It's the best way to buy a gift if you don't want to go outside shopping or wait for delivery.

The best virtual gift ideas for Christmas 2021

That is, it is great to send and receive a digital gift for both Christmas 2021 and New Year 2022. Here are some gift suggestions for you! It's time to shop for virtual gifts as Christmas & New Year gifts for your friends, family, loved ones, and yourself.

Adopt a Kangaroo

The World Wildlife Fund is a well-known non-governmental organization. Their objective is to conserve endangered species, both animals and plants. Their $60 Kangaroo Virtual Adoption will let the receiver have a kangaroo virtually. Also, the receiver will have a Kangaroo-themed email certificate. It's a creative gift to have and it also saves the animal at risk in a virtual way. It's time to show your benevolence to the world and the Kangaroo!

A Streaming Service Membership

Giving the gift of a streaming service membership is always a great idea. Subscribe to membership of Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and others for your friends and family. Enjoy the exclusive Christmas movies and shows on those streaming services during Christmas and New Year.

A Digital Card

A sweet and warm digital card could lift up one's spirit for the whole day.

It's time to send warm online greetings to your friends or beloved ones to express your appreciation to them. You can pick a card, personalize them, and send it to people right away with just $5 on Postable.

A VPN Proxy Membership

In the current digital age, it's important to have a reliable VPN proxy for protecting your cybersecurity in every way. VPN Proxy Master is one of the most reliable, secure, and fast VPN proxies in the world. With a VPN, you could circumvent geo-blocking restrictions and enjoy absolute digital privacy in every way.

A Message from Celebrity

Getting a message or even a video from your favorite celebrity isn't that hard. With Cameo, you could get a personalized video from your favorite stars in fast delivery. It will be definitely a personalized and unexpected gift for anyone who receives it.

A Game

If the person you want to send a Christmas & New Year gift is a gamer. You could purchase a game for him/her. For instance, if she/he loves playing games on Steam, you can buy a Steam gift card.

Use a VPN for online shopping

Now you must have a lot of ideas for Christmas and New Year gifts 2021. But wait! It will be better and safer to have a VPN proxy before you go shopping for virtual gifts! Nowadays, online shopping is tricky for people who don't use a VPN proxy for protection. Price discrimination, online shopping scams, and credit card fraud are all rampant online.

That's why you need a VPN proxy for protecting your online shopping for Christmas & New Year's virtual gifts in every way. VPN proxy not just helps you to circumvent censorship and geo-blocking restrictions, but also encrypt all your online traffic and ensure your personal information would not expose to anyone.

The Best VPN Deals for Christmas and New Year

Now it's time to grab the best VPN deals for Christmas 2021 and New Year 2022. VPN Proxy Master is currently offering exclusive VPN deals for Christmas and New Year: get extra 3 months of VPN service for a 1-year plan or save 71% for a 2-year plan. VPN Proxy Master is available on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS and up to 6 devices can be connected simultaneously.

What's more, VPN Proxy Master offers more than 6000 servers in 50 countries. The exclusive VPN features, including AES-256 encryption, ISP detector throttling, and much more, are all aimed to ensure your cybersecurity in every way. You could use the best-in-class VPN proxy to compare the price in different regions, protect your credit card from being stolen, and hide your online activities for your internet safety.

How to get VPN Proxy Master?

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Now, you are free to go! It's about time to use VPN Proxy Master for selecting Chrismas & New Year virtual gifts. Get the exclusive VPN deals with extra 3 months free for a 1-year plan to ensure your online privacy. Equipped with the best-in-class VPN, you could shop online with absolute security and buy a gift to your beloved ones, friends, family, and yourself to express appreciation and gratitude during Christmas and New Year. Celebrate Christmas with others and welcome New Year 2022!

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