Protect yourself from the Halloween Monsters on the Internet


Happy Spooky Horri-Day! Let’s gather our pumpkin army and scare the hackers away! Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Halloween will be quite different in 2020. What’s your plan? The best idea to celebrate Halloween in the most efficient and safer way is to spend a good time with your family at home.

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Firstly, you can catch a series of terrifying horror movies such as The Conjuring, Misery or Shutter Island on Netflix. Second option, you can chill with your family in the living room to play the most horror mobile games. Likewise, regardless streaming content online or playing mobile games, all you need is to connect your device to the internet. This may sound easy and simple to many of us but there is always a high risk behind your “connectivity”.

The “trick” question is - How to protect yourself from the “Halloween monsters” on the Internet? In this article, we will be “Treating” with you a list of smart ways to protect your online privacy with VPN Proxy Master.

1. Review and secure your social media accounts

While you will be busying sharing your “horror” moments on the social media accounts (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or Snapchat), do ensure that your device is secured with bank-level encryption. Do review your social media accounts by changing your account passwords regularly. You can consider using a password manager to create hard to break secret codes. Alternatively, you should use an extra layer of security with two-factor authentication.

2. Use physical hard disk for backup

Do you realised that cloud-based storage seems to have a potential security risk in terms of data privacy, and data leakage? This is nothing new because everyone is nestled on the same shared server and ironically, we have a lack of control over it. With those worried, why not backup your files onto a physical hard disk? Try to spend some time to back up your files during this coming Halloween week. Delete away unnecessary documents and keep only those that are important to you.

  1. Keep device OS and Software up to date

Alert! Whenever you saw the new software notification on your device, update immediately! Often companies release security updates to fix bugs that could give hackers access.

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4. Don’t get trick by Hackers or Scammer

Learn how to spot and avoid phishing scams, where criminals put a trap on your visual and tricks you to open emails that high chance infects your computer or lure you into schemes that steal your money or your identity.

5. Check the person beside you

Learn to distrust “online strangers” (people you don’t know or who reach out to you first), especially those posing as authorities or representatives of companies you know. Check them out carefully however you can.

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