10 Point guide to choose the best VPN for PC


Looking for the best VPN for PC? In that case, you’ve just landed on the right page. This article reveals the best VPN for you.

To begin with, focus on your VPN requirements. List them down. Screen VPN products online. Lastly, validate the shortlisted products with these 10 point guide below. Sounds amazing? So let’s get started:

1. Speed

Firstly, speed is the most important component. Hence, figure out the VPN that least hampers your internet. In brief, check for reviews of other users in your own location. Besides, you should try the free demos. Already bought? Check out the refund policy. Generally, all VPN products have 7 days to 1-month refund policy. Make use of it if necessary.

2. Servers

Secondly, check for the number of servers. Especially, look for servers in your location. A VPN with servers near you gives you better performance. Furthermore, a server near the destination location(from where you normally fetch data) also enhances speed.

3. Streaming server

Thirdly, check if the VPN supports streaming services like Netflix and Amazon. By the way, 50% of users access VPN for entertainment content. In short, ask customer support for live streaming support.

4. P2P Torrent

Fourthly, check if your VPN supports P2P torrenting? All VPNs do not support P2P. In fact, all servers do not support P2P either. So then, check which servers of the VPN support P2P.

5. Location

Next, check for who gets to see your data. VPN based in the 14 eye countries are under obligation to share your internet activity with governments. Avoid VPN based in these countries. Check for the best VPN for streaming here Also, choose a VPN with no-log policy.

6. Security Policy

Further check for the Security Protocol. The two recommended are Open VPN or IKEv2. Also, dive into encryption. A 256 bits encryption is important. Generally, you will find these features with all paid VPNs.

7. Automatic Kill Switch

In the first, let us understand what it is. Imagine you are browsing through a VPN server. Suddenly your connection with the VPN server is lost. In such a case, Automatic kill switch instantly halts your internet connection. This way, your interaction is either secure or is totally aborted.

8. DNS Leak Test

This feature ensures your IP security. Check if your VPN reveals your real IP to the website. There are two ways you can do it. Check for user reviews. Also, do a leak test here. The best VPN for PC should not leak your IP.

9. Split Tunnelling

This feature allows you to white list some sites. For e.g. if you want to browse YouTube you might choose not to use a VPN for 100% speed. So you can use YouTube without VPN. Split tunneling helps you do just that. The best VPN for PC will always offer this feature.

10. The number of devices

Lastly, need a VPN for multiple devices? Some of the VPNs do not have a limit on the number of devices. However, check this feature only if you need it. If not just omit.
In conclusion, the above 10 points tell you how to choose the best VPN server location etc.

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