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Get the Best Christmas and New Year VPN Deals - Extra 3 Months Free

Get the Best Christmas and New Year VPN Deals - Extra 3 Months Free

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VPN Proxy Master 2021/12/09
Last updated : 2022/04/20
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Get the Best Christmas & New Year VPN Deals - Extra 3 Months Free
Get the Best Christmas & New Year VPN Deals - Extra 3 Months Free

VPN Proxy Master Christmas Deal - 3 Months Free

Christmas and New Year are approaching! It's time to celebrate Christmas and New Year with VPN Proxy Master. As the most reliable and secure VPN proxy in the world, VPN Proxy Master is offering the greatest VPN deals for Christmas and New Year from 15th Dec 2021: get extra 3 months free for a 1-year plan or save 71% for a 2-year plan.

What are Christmas and New Year?

Christmas is an annual festival observed primarily on 25 December. While it's a religious festival that commemorates the nativity of Jesus, it is also observed by many non-Christian as a cultural festival. That is, Christmas nowadays has already become a worldwide cultural and commercial holiday. Both Christians and non-Christians could celebrate Christmas for different purposes.

New Year's Day is observed on 1 January, which is the first day of the year based on the reference of the Gregorian Calendar. New Year's Day is one of the most popular and celebrated holidays in the world. It represents the fresh start of a new year. Also, a lot of people celebrate New Year's Day on the last day of the year, which is known as New Year's Eve. People usually celebrate both New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

The best things to do on Christmas and New Year

During Christmas, people will gather together to do myriad activities, including decorating the Christmas trees, preparing and sharing meals with families, exchanging gifts, and much more. For children, Christmas is a time of the year that could anticipate Santa Claus to deliver their gifts. As Christmas is not only a religious festival but a cultural festival celebrated by all people, even if you are not a Christian, it's still a good idea to celebrate Christmas with friends and families. Also, a lot of stores, including both brick-and-mortar and virtual, offer discounts to attract people to buy products at the end of the year. It's a great opportunity to buy some products as gifts for yourself or others.

There are multiple activities for celebrating New Year's Day and New Year's Eve. For instance, you could have an outdoor countdown with your friends and family on New Year's Eve. What's more, as the situation of the pandemic has become serious again, you could celebrate New Year with families at home. Overall, the ways of celebrating Christmas and New Year change all the time. There are no restrictions or limitations on how to celebrate these festivals. You can do whatever you want with your friends and family.

Why do you need a VPN during Christmas and New Year?

VPN proxy is a private network that could encrypt all your online information, including your IP address, browsing history, online transaction, and much more. As VPN could hide and change your IP address, you could circumvent geo-blocking restrictions to unblock and enjoy all content and websites.

As the Covid-19 is getting more serious recently, it's time to consider staying at home during Christmas and New Year for your safety. With VPN Proxy Master, you could stream live sports, shows, and movies with stable and ultra-fast speed. It's time to enjoy all content and websites during Christmas and New Year and stay safe at home at the same time. Furthermore, you can purchase VPN as a gift for your friends or families. As we used digital devices more frequently due to their convenience for our daily life, cybersecurity became an important social issue that everyone should be aware of. It's worthy to give yourself or your family and friends a VPN proxy to ensure digital privacy.

The ultimate guide to staying safe on the internet

Now, you must have a basic understanding of VPN and why you need a VPN proxy for cybersecurity. Thus, you should take a closer look at the ultimate guide to help you to stay safe on the internet. Here are some tips for you to stay safe online while you are surfing the internet:

Check your online accounts on a daily basis

You should constantly monitor your online accounts such as social media accounts and banking accounts in order to ensure your online activities are safe. For instance, you should constantly check your online banking account and take a closer look at every transaction. If you find a transaction isn't placed by yourself, you should call the bank and change your password as soon as possible.

Use different passwords for different accounts

It's extremely dangerous to use the same password for every social media account.

Thus, you should use different passwords for every account you have in order to ensure your online security. If you use the same password for all accounts, it will endanger your online safety even if your password is complicated. For example, cybercriminals can only decrypt one of your accounts to unblock all your by using the same password.

Equip all your devices with a VPN proxy

Cybercrimes are rampant and unending in the contemporary digital world. It's very possible that all your online information, such as your IP address and browsing history, was already decrypted by cybercriminals, ISPs (internet service providers), or online merchants. That's why you need a reliable VPN proxy to encrypt all your online traffics in order to defeat cybercrimes, price discrimination, ISP throttling, and much more.

Improve your media literacy

While all the above-mentioned points will undeniably improve your online safety, they are not the insurances of your cybersecurity given the fact that the current digital world is an ever-changing place in terms of its technology, protocols, and types of cybercrimes. The most important thing is that you should equip yourself with sufficient media literacy. You have to gain nuanced comprehension of what is scam by yourself before using a VPN proxy.

How to get VPN Proxy Master?

  1. Subscribe to VPN Proxy Master with extra 3 months free (Christmas Deal)
  2. Download VPN Proxy Master on your devices
  3. Surf the internet with freedom and security


Overall, Christmas and New Year are both deserved celebrations. As the pandemic became serious again, it's safe to celebrate Christmas and New Year at home. That's why you need VPN Proxy Master as your online partner. With VPN Proxy Master, you could watch all Christmas movies and enjoy absolute online privacy. Luckily, VPN Proxy Master is offering its exclusive VPN deals from 15th Dec 2021: you can get extra 3 months free for a 1-year plan. Don't miss the best deal of the year to welcome your Christmas and New Year with VPN Proxy Master!

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