5 Reasons why VPN is a must have application in USA


To begin with, let us build a perspective. By the way, 39% of Wi-Fi connections in USA are unsecured. Now, what is unsecured? In simple words, the data transfer through these Wi-Fi networks is not encrypted. Besides this, many do not use the recommended encryption protocols. In short, free public Wi-Fi networks are extremely vulnerable. Hence, VPN for USA is the first application you should download.

So then, let us start.

1. Strong Encryption - A mandate for public Wi-Fi

There is an increase of 300% in cyber-attacks post-COVID-19 Pandemic. Encryption makes it almost impossible for intruders to read the contents of your data. So then, what does encryption actually do? Encryption converts readable data into random unreadable packets. The intended user can de-encrypt the content using a key. This way the data travels in an unreadable format. However, it becomes readable on receipt. Especially for public Wi-Fi, it is recommended to have AES-256 encryption. Your VPN should offer protocols like IPSec and OpenVPN.

2. Anonymity is mandatory when using a public Wi-Fi

Let us think from the perspective of an intruder. An intruder will need some data points to begin. A cyber attacker would want to know basic things like your IP, location etc. However, your VPN smartly masks your IP. In fact, it also hides your location. In the first place, let us understand how this happens. When you connect to a VPN network you latch on to a VPN server. Your IP and location appear to be that of the VPN server you are latched on. This way your real IP and location remain anonymous. Amazing. Isn’t it?

3. The VPN Tunnel is a must when you use a public Wi-Fi network

Here is another interesting security circuit. A VPN creates a virtual tunnel between you and your destination. All your transactions happen inside the tunnel. All the elements in your journey can see the tunnel. However, no one can peep into the tunnel and see what transactions are happening. In fact, this tunnel also restricts your ISP to keep a track of your internet activity.

4. Stay away from legal hassles of using public Wi-Fi

When you use public Wi-Fi you need to be compliant to the network’s terms and conditions. Some of the networks have awful terms and conditions. In fact, they might make you tick a T&Cs button. These hidden T&Cs might bring trouble to you. However, with a VPN most of the internet activity remains confidential. Hence, it is most likely that the network administrator or the internet service provider won’t notice.

5. Access restricted content

Generally, the USA doesn’t restrict content largely. However, in case you are travelling to other countries a VPN comes in handy. Since you see American shows you can continue watching them through free US VPN for Netflix.

In Conclusion, you might want to use a VPN whenever you establish an internet connection through your device. However, in case you are making use of a public Wi-Fi sign up for the best free VPN now.
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