Guide to Deleting Your Google Search History in 2021


A lot of us don’t seem to feel the need to delete our browsing history, however if you have personal information that you have been looking through online you might want to start thinking about deleting your search history for safety reasons! What’s important to remember is that by deleting your browsing history you won’t actually delete all of the information that google possesses related to your search history which is stored on their servers!

There’s absolutely nothing that can be done to convince corporations to stop storing your data. Google has stated that is users delete their data, they will then follow suit! However there are some ways to stop websites from collecting all of your data so that your data stays with you and you alone.

If you don’t have a VPN then you absolutely should have! It will completely protect your privacy by masking your IP address and all of your internet activity from your browser! In order for it to work properly first you will need delete all of the data that google had already stored!


If your one of the sensible ones and are always concerned about protecting your data then you probably empty your browser cache quite regularly. If your not doing this you should definitely start, not only is it very easy to do but it will also keep your protected at the same time.

It doesn’t matter whether your using chrome, Firefox or edge you can easily access your search history from the upper right hand corner.

If your using Microsoft edge you can simply click on the shooting star icon followed by clicking on history and then clear history, it really is that simple!

If you have Mozilla Firefox the icon actually looks like a set of books standing on edge.

With the google chrome browser all you have to do is press ctrl + h, or you can click on the three dots icon and then history which will open up a new page.

If you look to the left hand side of the screen you will see a link to “clear browsing data”. It’s also easy to access this by simply going to settings and going down to the bottom of the section which is labelled “privacy and security”.

In each separate case it’s a possibility that you might have to change the time frame for the deletion as well as the specific kinds of data that you want to get rid of. To make sure that your completely covered you should select all the checkboxes and then set the time range as everything or even “all time”. It’s will then be the case of moving on to the much more complicated task of deleting all of your search history which is not stored on your browser.


  1. In order to clear your google history you need to start by directly going to your google account.

  2. Start typing my account.google.com into your browser, or you can simply click on the avatar which is on a google webpage.

  3. Next click “google account”. You can quite easily reach the account hub through gmail or another google app on your device. Remember to connect to a VPN so that your ISP isn’t able to view anything that you don’t want it to.

  4. After the above steps you will then need to click “data & personalisation” which is located on the left hand side of the screen. You also have the option to click on “manage your data and personalisation” which is located on the main page.

  5. You will then need to scroll down to the box which says “activity and timeline” then click on “my activity”.

  6. There will be a new menu that appears on the left hand side, you will need to select the option to “delete activity by”. Exactly like your browser history you can easily delete all of your google history or even just part of it if that’s what you prefer. There’s even the option of setting a custom time frame, or even deleting activities on some services such as YouTube but not on others.

  7. If it’s the case of you want img to get rid of everything then select “all time” under “delete by date”. Make sure that “all products” is selected on the line at the bottom and then click delete.

That’s basically all there is to deleting your information from either the browser or google search bar! However before you go and close the page you should maybe think about limiting the types of data that google associates with your account later down the line!

You can easily go back to “data and personalisation” and you will see a box which is labelled “activity controls”. It will show various settings such as “location history”. If an entry’s status is turned on you can click to pause it if you wish.

It’s even easy to find various other options on the “my activity” page! All you have to do is click on “other google activity” which is located on the left side of your screen in the menu. Once your there you can even see and delete past YouTube comments, answers that you may have given to google surveys and a lot more! If you click on “ad settings” you will then see the option to turn off “ad personalisation” too!

Even if you have followed the above steps to delete your data there’s still other important steps that you need to take in order to fully safeguard your online privacy! The best and most important thing you need to do right away is to install a VPN! Having VPN proxy master will limit the company’s ability to develop a profile on you and at the same time it will protect you from a growing list of threats!