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Black Friday Online Shopping Tips to Stay Safe Online

Black Friday Online Shopping Tips to Stay Safe Online

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VPN Proxy Master 2021/11/23
Last updated : 2022/04/20
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Online shopping offers convenience, and scams

Online shopping is an excellent option for busy shoppers: you can browse and buy nearly everything you want at your fingertips. That is, the convenience of online shopping is extremely attractive. You can order products you like from around the world without going outside.

However, as online shopping became so popular for people, cybercriminals started to pay attention to the online marketplace for a gold rush. What's more, some merchants are so manipulative: sometimes they offer different prices for the same product based on one's location, which is known as price discrimination. That's why you need to check out some shopping tips to protect your property and identity before you go to Black Friday shopping.

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Why Online Shopping involves so many scams and hoaxes?

According to a report provided by FTC, online shopping accounted for $246 million in losses from consumers and 1.4 million reports of identity theft in 2020. It raises the question: why online shopping involves so many scams and hoax?

The answer is obvious: the online marketplace is a huge business. People nowadays are more and more reliant on online shopping: students use Amazon to order textbooks; teenagers buy online items such as skins in-game; parents rely on Instacart to purchase daily necessities. Moreover, a ton of brick-and-mortar stores started to offer online shopping options to boost up their businesses. That is, everyone wanted a piece of the pie, including hideous cybercriminals and merchants. Thus, as an online shopper, you should be cautious about increasing online shopping scams.

Online shopping tips for Black Friday 2021

As mentioned above, the online marketplace is full of dangers and threats. That's why you need to know how to protect your information and money when you are shopping online. Let's check out these online shopping tips before you go to Black Friday shopping.

Hide and change your IP address to prevent price discrimination

Price discrimination usually happens when your IP address is exposed. Since merchants need your IP address as a reference for determining their pricing. Therefore, it's extremely important to hide your IP address to prevent price discrimination. But how? Well, a strong VPN proxy could hide and change your IP address with ease. VPN Proxy Master provides servers from over 40 locations. You could compare the prices in different locations by simply switching your IP address.

Double-check whether the website is bogus or not

Sometimes cybercriminals set up a fake website as a hook to draw people's attention. In order to make sure the website you visited is legitimate and real, you should do some research before you place an order. In general, a Bogus retailer website does not offer payment such as PayPal, rather, they generally accepted wire transfers. Second, check their reviews: while some bogus websites are sophisticated in terms of their layouts or design, they do not have enough reviews. Third, do some extra research online. For instance, you can look up an official account to double-check whether the website is just a mimic of the trusted retailer or not. You should have the good media literacy to identity the shopping sites.

Do not click every link provided by Email before you identity it's safe

It's pretty dangerous to click the URL links of Email scams given the fact that sometimes the link itself is malware: once you click in, your device might be infected and your online information including personal identity and credit card number might be exposed. Furthermore, if you click the link, it's very likely that the cybercriminals will harvest your personal identity for identity theft. Therefore, you should be fully aware of the danger of a URL link in an Email. Be cautious when you saw it and do extra research in order to stay safe online.

Do not trust every social media advertisement

Social media advertisement is pervasive and yes, some advertisements are pretty attractive: some of the advertisements often offer extremely low prices as clickbait. However, all of these advertisements are fake and the discount will never happen. Before placing an order, you should check the authenticity of the advertisement.

Use a reliable VPN proxy to encrypt your online transaction

Do not enter your credit card information if your VPN is not activated. Hackers could decrypt your online traffic and steal your credit card information if you don't have any protection. Therefore, using a VPN for online transactions and shopping is a necessity. VPN Proxy Master uses the best-in-class AES-256 encryption to cloak all your online traffics, which will protect you from being hacked by cybercriminals.

Get the best VPN Black Friday deal for online shopping

Now, you must have some basic knowledge of how to prevent online shopping scams. By reading this article, you should know how to spot online shopping scams. And you must have realized the importance of VPN in the circumstances of online shopping.

VPN Proxy Master could encrypt your online shopping and transaction in every way. That's why it now offers the greatest discount during Black Friday, the busiest shopping season of the year. Now you could enjoy one of the most reliable and secure VPN proxies with 62% off and extra 3 months free.

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The online marketplace is dangerous for people who don't know how to protect themselves. But for people who know it, it's a fun playground for exploration. With VPN Proxy Master, you can shop online with absolute security. It's time to use the best-in-class VPN on your computer, laptop, phone, tablet, browser, TVs, and more. Besides, media literacy is important as well, given the fact that VPN could not cover every aspect of cybersecurity. You should equip yourself with both media literacy and VPN proxy.

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