10 new movies and shows to watch in February 2022

10 new movies and shows to watch in February 2022

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Jennifer 2022/01/26
Last updated : 2022/04/15
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Have you had enough of winter's gloom? Sorry to break the news to you, but we're still a long way from our goal. Those of us who are more superstitious will soon find out whether we can anticipate more winter pain to come when February arrives. However, the days are growing longer, and the shortest month of the year is almost upon us! As a result, next month will be particularly challenging for streaming service users who want to see everything that comes in and goes out. So, grab a pen and paper. Because we compiled a handy list of best movies and shows you should look forward to in February 2022. Take action now!

Raising Dion (Season 2)

Where to watch: Netflix

One of the most beautiful aspects of Raising Dion shows how far a mother would go to defend her kid. You've got a must-see movie when you combine all of that with a gripping narrative full of tension and bizarre events. Watch TV programs.

Based on Dennis Liu's comic book and a short film of the same name. Raising Dion follows Dion, a seven-year-old kid who inherited his father's abilities as he navigates his way through life. We're talking about superhuman abilities such as telekinesis, invisibility, teleportation, and the capacity to heal, to name a few.

Raising Dion season one tossed a lot of varied concepts at its faithful audience. It produces nearly as many narrative aspects as Dion had abilities. It also means there are plenty of loose ends to fuse using laser vision (or something) in season two.

Raising Dion Season 2 is also expected to go more into Dion's connection with Biona Labs. Biona Labs first seemed to be the bad guys until proving themselves to be the good people. Except for a possible heelflip, we anticipate them to continue assisting Dion, potentially even building the sophisticated super-suit he so sorely needs.

The Tinder Swindler

Where to watch: Netflix

After February 1, February 2 comes with even more must-watch documentaries. One of the most anticipated movies The Tinder Swindler is coming on Netflix. And you don't want to miss it because when you do. What will you be discussing with your friends and workmates?

The Tinder Swindler, which will premiere on Netflix in February. The movie depicts the tale of fictitious diamond tycoon Simon Leviev, who duped and swindled millions of dollars from women he encountered on the dating app Tinder. However, it is more in the style of a sleek Hollywood film. Exotic settings, a billionaire conman, and a frantic dash around the world to apprehend him as the main character.

Have you seen the previous documentary series The Imposter? If not, you should. If you did, you'd understand why it was such a success. The Imposter was created by the same team that created The Tinder Swindler.

Love is Blind Japan (Season 2)

Where to watch: Netflix

Love Is Blind is a reality dating program with a difference, by going on dates via 'pod' barriers without ever meeting one other in person.

Love is Blind is back in action! Will Will Love Blind, season 2, bring more romantic couples together by bringing them together and allowing them to communicate without seeing each other? But one thing is sure: you should prepare yourselves for more drama. Also, this new program was filmed in Japan, which means the differences in culture and languages will bring you a streaming different experience!

This television program, which is full of romance and drama, recounts the narrative of 30 women and men who enter into pods and chat to one another without seeing one other. The males may propose to the ladies if the couples are matched. And the pair will be married shortly after. After that, they will live together. In Playa del Carmen, Mexico, and in an apartment complex in Atlanta, where they will get to know one another even better.

The real difficulty comes here. They must learn to live with one other's (annoying) habits and get to know each other's families for the first time. In the end, they will have wedding ceremonies. At the altar, they will have to decide whether they want to be married or if they want to stop their relationship.


Where to watch: Netflix

On February 11, Bigbug premiers on Netflix, and you don't want to miss it.

Bigbug is set in an era when artificial intelligence is commonplace. And the teaser depicts how people now depend on their androids to do the most basic chores. These activities include opening cans or cleaning, playing rock, paper, scissors, or even witnessing the raunchiest desires of humankind realized.

FishBowl Wives

Where to watch: Netflix

Sakura Hiraga (Ryoko Shinohara) gives up on her goals and marries a beauty shop owner. And she lives on the top floor of a high-rise condo building in an urban region with a traditional ambiance overlooking the city below. As a housewife, her life is so beautiful that anybody would proudly call her their own. Despite this, when she is alone by herself, her heartbreaks. In the beginning, she was enamored with him. But now she is subjected to verbal and physical abuse. She cannot leave her married house and soon finds herself in a "goldfish's bowl" with the other characters. Her "goldfish" eventually brings her into contact with a guy by happenstance. A line has been crossed when he accepts her for who she is, and she cannot deny her emotions. If so, how long will it last? Perhaps it's fate that's at work here?

The Worst Person in The World

Where to watch: Netflix

When was the last time a romantic comedy made you cry? It's a tiresome bundle of old cliches, and fairy tales acted out by attractive blanks who quarrel and flirt and always make it work by the third act.

The Worst Person in the world is a dark romantic comedy-drama with a gloomy undertone. It is the story of twenty-something Julie. She struggles to reconcile her shifting professional objectives while also embarking on a rather serious relationship with Aksel, a successful artist around 15 years her senior. Julie's already-complicated life situation (she can't figure out what she wants to do with her life) gets even more convoluted when she meets Elvis, a less ambitious spark than Aksel, who is closer to her age and who is less ambitious than Aksel.


Where to watch: Netflix

Do you love movies that focus on our planet? Well, you are covered in February.

Moonfall is a science fiction film in which an unknown force pushes the Moon out of its orbit around the Earth and sends it hurtling toward the Earth, where it collides with life as we know it. NASA executive and former astronaut Jo Fowler is convinced that she has discovered the key to saving the entire world. Still, only one astronaut from her past, Brian Harper, and conspiracy theorist K.C. Houseman believe her. With mere weeks before impact and the world on the verge of extinction, Jo Fowler is convinced that she has discovered the key to saving the entire world. These unlikely heroes will go on a problematic last-ditch voyage into space, abandoning all they hold dear, only to discover that our Moon is not what we believe it to be when they arrive.

Death on the Nile

Where to watch: Theaters

Death on the Nile is scheduled to be released in theaters in the United States and the United Kingdom on Friday, February 11, 2022.

According to the studio, death on the Nile is a forthcoming mystery-thriller film that will hit theaters in 2022. The couple discovers that wealthy heiress Linnet Ridgeway Doyle (Gal Gadot) has been brutally murdered. At the same time, on their honeymoon aboard a luxurious river steamer along the Nile, their idyllic honeymoon is thrown into terrifying chaos. Several suspects meet a horrible death just as Poirot starts his probe into the range of beautiful passengers on board as Poirot begins his investigation.

This scary story of obsessive love and its deadly consequences will keep spectators on their toes until the shocking truth is revealed at the very end, which is full of cruel twists and turns till the very end.

Mothering Sunday

Where to watch: Netflix

Mothering Sunday is released on February 25 on Netflix. It is a great show that you don't want to miss. Here is what it entails:

Jane Fairchild, an average young maid, has a clandestine love affair with the dashing Paul Sheringham on the heels of the Great War. As Paul plans to marry a new lady, Jane can reconcile her feelings for him with her responsibilities.


Where to watch: Theaters

DOG is one of the most anticipated movies of this month.

The results may be hilarious when two former Army Rangers are teamed against their will on a road trip. To make it in time for burial for a fallen comrade, Army Ranger Briggs straps himself into a 1984 Ford Bronco with his Belgian Malinois dog, Lulu. To have a fighting chance of finding happiness, they'll drive each other crazier, breach a few rules, and barely dodge death on their journey.

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