4 Simple steps that explain how to use VPN in less than 15 minutes


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Here are the easiest ways to learn how to use a VPN? Just read through this simple manual if you want to know how to use VPN on I-Phone, how to use VPN on PC etc. Above all, these four simple steps will help you understand how to set up a VPN server on any device on the planet.

Before, we dive deep into the article let us look at some interesting facts. One fourth internet users on the planet have connected to a VPN server in the last 30 days. Though half of the netizens use it to access restricted content, there are other motivations too.

31% of internet users latch on to a free VPN to maintain anonymity. Besides, 45% of internet users in the USA believe their online privacy is being breached.

In short, it helps you maintain anonymity (Location and IP masking). To add to this, it maintains your internet privacy by a virtual tunnel. Also, it keeps your data secure using encryption thereby making your data unreadable by anyone other than the intended user.

So then, let us start with 4 easy steps that tell us how to use VPN free.

Identify your precise needs

This is the most important step. Here’s the reason why. 18% of internet users set up a VPN connection to hide their internet activity from governments, 27% use it to access restricted websites, 34% use it to access social media and news sites. Users have very specific needs. Hence, it is best to identify what your needs are. Generally, the basic features are available in all applications. However, most of the applications have some or the other USP (unique Selling Point) that makes the particular application stand out in the crowd.

Choose the provider that best fits your needs.

Have you listed down your needs? Let us dive into how to identify which VPN application to download.

Paid VPN Vs Free VPN

Broadly speaking, a free VPN is best if your needs are limited to accessing Netflix, etc. In fact, there are few free options worth trying. However, there are some negative points worth a mention. Here’s an aspect that no one will tell you. Are you using the application to keep your internet activity confidential? Surely, it helps you do that.

But, the VPN provider can keep a record of the internet activities you are doing. Hence, if you are using a free version, make sure they do not keep a log of the internet activities of its users. Also, a paid version does not have those tons of ads that make your experience cumbersome.

Server Location

When you connect to any application you latch on to a VPN server. This way all your internet activity is routed through the server. However, before you choose which one to go for, you should check out the list of server locations. It is strongly recommended to go for the option that offers a server in a location near you. This will reduce internet latency to a considerable extent.

Kill Switch

A VPN connects you to its server. All your internet transactions happen via this server. The kill switch feature disconnects your internet immediately if you lose connection with the VPN server. This way your original IP, location, etc never goes public.

IP Leak – Generally, all applications mask your real IP. However, some of the application leaks your IP to your destination. This is known as an IP leak. For your security, we strongly recommend your destination should also not come to know what your real IP is. So check if your shortlisted application leaks your IP.


Also, keep in mind what your daily use would look like? Choose the application that serves your purpose well. Some of the applications restrict access to content, others don’t offer P2P, etc.
So then, based on all these parameters, shortlist any provider application that suits your precise purpose. FYI – VPN proxy master offers all the above features.

Signup and download

Now freeze the provider that fits all your needs. Go to the official website and sign up. Look for the version that is compatible with your devices. Download the application on the devices. We strongly recommend you not to use your E-Mail ID to sign up. Make use of a dummy ID instead. This is just to have another layer of security wall between you and your VPN service provider. Though most of the VPN providers guarantee that they won’t use the E-Mail Id database of its user, having a dummy E-Mail is better. In fact, some of the VPN providers offer their services without even asking for your E-Mail ID. To add to this, they also accept payment using cryptocurrency. This ensures that your provider has no information about you.

Connect to the VPN

Now click open the application. Generally, all applications will have a prominent button to click and connect to the VPN server. In most cases, the application will automatically latch you onto the server that is located near you or the one that offers the least latency automatically.
However, you can also go to the settings tab and scan through the list of servers available. You can then select any server you feel like. Also, in most applications, you can simply click to make that your default VPN server.

Some of the VPN applications also ask you to punch in what your exact needs are. Based on your needs the application recommends the best server you should choose to latch on to.

To conclude, here is an expert opinion. Looking at the sudden hike in the number of cybercrimes it is best to keep our internet activities secure. A VPN server is a great option that keeps our internet activity secure, keeps our IP and location anonymous, codes our data so that it becomes unreadable for others, etc. Hence, having a VPN every time we log on to the internet using any device is the best thing to do.

The article gives you a detailed insight on how to use VPN on android, how to use VPN on Netflix, and how to setup VPN on Windows 10. If you still find it difficult to begin, here’s what you need to do. Go to our official website. Download VPN Proxy Master right away. Since this application is best for both types of users – beginners and seasoned VPN application users alike.