Do you still need antivirus on computer 2022

Do you still need antivirus on computer 2022

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Christian 2022/01/29
Last updated : 2022/04/14
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If you own a computer, there is no doubt that you have heard about antivirus or had one yourself. What was the experience of using one? Even if you don't know it, the Internet is dangerous. People in all walks of life might be put at risk by cybercriminals ranging from spies to viruses, hackers to fraudsters lurking around every virtual corner.

As we all look for methods to keep ourselves and our devices secure online, antivirus software and virtual private networks (VPNs) have emerged as the most popular solutions for keeping yourself and your devices safe online. But how do antivirus clients and virtual private networks (VPNs) function in practice? What exactly do they shield you from? What is their approach to combating online hazards, and how do they vary from one another? Most importantly, which one should you choose to protect your data, online activities, and personal information from being compromised?

In this critical update, we will answer these and other issues to our guidance on internet freedom, security, and anonymity, which we shall release shortly.

Online Threats You Might Face

Everywhere you look, there are digital risks, and they come in various forms and sizes.

There is malware on the network (malicious software). Generally speaking, this phrase refers to unwanted software, such as adware that may take over your browser or spyware that can spread infections. Currently, the most prevalent virus kinds are as follows:


Self-replicating destructive malware that infects several machines.


Trojan viruses masquerade as helpful software programs. However, once downloaded, the Trojan virus has access to sensitive data and can modify, block, or delete it.


It is malware that uses the computer's memory rather than files on the hard disk to carry out its malicious activities.


A virus can corrupt or even destroy your computer's hard drive after being infected.

There are several dangers you encounter on the Internet. Other risks you may experience when surfing, streaming, or downloading data from the internet include:

  • Anonymity theft and hacking.
  • A lot of spam and phishing frauds.
  • Data collection and Surveillance by cybercriminals, governments, and Internet service providers.
  • Content access is restricted as a result of censorship legislation or geo-blocking restriction.

It’s possible that reading that list may make you want to shut your laptop and never use it again. But hang in there with us because we have some good news!

How antivirus protects my devices

An antivirus program is constantly scanning your computer for signs of danger. It checks your computer activity to see if anything unusual is going on and compares it to recognized malware kinds. When the antivirus detects a potentially harmful code, it immediately eliminates it.

As viruses and other malware get increasingly complex, antivirus software must keep up with the threats to remain ahead of the curve. Keeping your antivirus software up to date is consequently essential.

How VPN protects me

Connect your device to a secure private server and mask your actual IP address. It means you'll be able to access government-banned websites, local services, and geoblocked TV programs with the confidence that your identity and data are secure.

VPNs encapsulate and encrypt your data through a technique called tunneling. The first phase conceals your data, while the second renders it unreadable to everyone, even government officials or cybercriminals.

High-quality VPNs use additional advanced security features to avoid monitoring, such as automated kill switches. These are safety valves that entirely stop your internet connection if your VPN server disconnects, thereby exposing you to track.

VPN malware security is a preventative technique designed to prevent malicious applications from accessing your device. When it comes to finding and combating existing infections, it will fall short of the effectiveness of antivirus software.

Can VPN protect my computer from virus

The VPN usage makes it hard for your internet service provider or Wi-Fi provider to insert harmful code into your browsing sessions, but a VPN alone will not protect you against viruses.

When utilizing a VPN, you should exercise caution while opening email attachments or downloading files. You should never open files with suspicious extensions such as.exe,.jar, or .js. Instead, you should only open files from sources that you know and trust. Any time you have a question about an attachment from a trustworthy contact, consider reaching out to them via a different channel to ensure they send the message.

Do I still need VPN when using antivirus?

Virtual private networks (VPNs) and antivirus software (AV) both work to safeguard your online privacy. However, they do this in different ways. Is it possible to combine them? Absolutely. Protecting your computer and your internet service simultaneously with an antivirus and a VPN may be the best solution.

The functions provided by your VPN and your antivirus software may overlap at times. VPN Proxy Master, for example, prevents advertisements and malware-hosting websites. More importantly, it protects your device from being controlled by a botnet, as well. There are also ad-blockers and similar capabilities in some premium antivirus.

When it comes to cybersecurity, you don’t have to worry about these elements interfering with each other.

Different Issues Need Different Approaches.

Antiviruses and VPNs protect you from distinct types of attacks, making them both beneficial. Using a VPN when surfing the web may protect you from a range of hazards such as tracking, man-in-the-middle attacks, Wi-Fi espionage, and more. If you click on a malicious link, your antivirus software will be able to intervene and reduce the harm done to your computer or device.

The usage of both of these programs is highly recommended for those who want high levels of internet security. It is possible that antivirus software alone will not provide enough protection, but it may provide excellent safety when used with a premium VPN.

Which one is Better: Antivirus or VPN?

True, antivirus software is superior at defending you from certain internet dangers, while virtual private networks (VPNs) are better at safeguarding you against others. They are intended to complement one another rather than compete with one another.

By now, it should be evident that you should not pick between antivirus protection and a VPN - you should have both at all times, without exception! It is possible to get 100 percent protection from any online danger by combining a top-notch antivirus application with a high-quality VPN, but this isn't easy.


As far as internet security goes – and it should be on everyone's mind these days - antivirus software and VPNs are two of the most effective safeguards available. They may and should be used in conjunction with one another. When you use one without the other, you leave yourself up to various possible dangers. Although each is superior to the other, antivirus combined with a VPN provides the most comprehensive online safety available.

Not all VPNs will ensure your safety while online; that is why you need to be cautious about the VPN services you are using. You need to have a piece of valid and maximum information about the VPNs so that you can choose the best one. As the saying goes, "Cheap is expensive," it is true that many people are flogging at free VPNs without knowing that the VPN providers are harvesting from them. Free VPNs can compromise your personal information and sell it to get income. Lastly, Free VPNs are also slow because people flood them.

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