Top 10 Gaming YouTubers You Should Know

Last updated: 2022/04/13
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Video games have become increasingly popular in this era. Playing video games gives us a thrilling experience, because we find ourselves relating to the main character, and we can feel them in a way. The main reason why the gaming industry is booming now is that it offers the players irreplaceable entertainment. People all around the world of all ages and backgrounds can be interested in playing games. From the younger generation to the older generation, there are many types of games that can be attractive to any certain age group. Mostly, the top genres in gaming are action, adventure, horrors, and suspense.

Nowadays, the priority of gaming industries is to make an open-world game in which a character can interact with anything just like in the real world. Fans deeply appreciate these types of games, with the virtual reality technology also on the rise, we expect to see much more of these games.

Top 10 gaming YouTubers 2022

People like to play games and experience the world of the game themselves. Some also like to watch others playing, while they just chill and enjoy watching the gameplay. Many players play games while recording the process and post them on YouTube. It has created a more complete entertainment market of gameplays.

There are many gaming channels on YouTube. A study about gaming channels on YouTube shows that there are about 45 million active gaming channels, which generates around 110 billion hours of watch time in 2021. We expect these numbers to grow further in 2022.

These analytics are enough to show how big the gameplay genre is. These players have a huge fan following, with millions of subscribers who are waiting for them to upload a gaming video or start their live streaming. There are a lot of gaming channels out there, but which ones are the best to watch? To make a good gaming channel, what you need is hard work, humor, gaming skills, and a huge fan base. Let's go through some of the best ones to watch in 2022.


A channel of a 26-year-old guy who lives in Canada named Evan Fong. Most of his videos include the process of playing games with other YouTubers. They play games while making jokes, laughing and chatting frequently. The popular games they play include GTA V, Call of Duty, and Left for dead on multiplayer so that they can entertain their audience with their humor.

VanossGaming is uploading videos since 2011 and at present, it is on the list of the top 20 YouTube channels. They upload other games as well, but his channel became popular with GTA V and COD. Evan does hilarious commenting during their multiplayer gameplay, with some of the popular YouTubers like Ohmwrecker and H2ODelerious. These two are in almost every video of his and have become the major parts of his channel. The audience enjoys his videos and live streams, since it feels like they are gaming with the YouTubers, like a group of friends who are having fun and gaming together.


Markiplier is a Hawaiian-born guy whose real name is Mark Edward Fischbach. He comes on the list of the top 10 YouTubers since he has more than 30 million subscribers, and he is famous for his gameplay in horror games like Five Night at Freddy. He loves playing horror games, and his reactions are amazing. His commentary style is uncensored and enthusiastic. By the way, Markiplier dyes his hair in unusual colors, and they look incredibly good with him.

He mostly plays horror and indie games in his videos. He is an enthusiastic fan of Doom, last year when Doom released, the game developers hid a small easter egg just for Markiplier which was a book reminding him of his father. We all saw how emotional he got during that gameplay. He made all of our quarantine days less boring with his gaming and funny skits with different YouTubers which include Jacksepticeye and PewDiePie.


Let us talk about the guy who stood up against a whole country. We all know what happened between India (country) and PewDiePie (Youtuber). PewDiePie had the most subscribers in the world for a long time, but T-Series started catching up rapidly and won in the end.

Felix who is mostly known as PewDiePie is a famous YouTuber for his gameplays. His career begins when he started making Amnesia gameplays and recorded himself so that everyone could watch those jump-scares. Who can forget when he started cursing in his native language? Felix is also famous for his Minecraft series, and he started Minecraft when he knew nothing, and now, he is a Minecraft pro.


Jacksepticeye, whose real name is Sean William, is an Irish Youtuber who started uploading his videos in 2012. He became popular after PewDiePie mentioned him in one of his videos, appreciating his YouTube videos.

His YouTube channel has more than 19 million subscribers and more than 10 billion total views. Most of his gaming videos are Resident Evil franchise and Among Us. In every video, he tries to maintain energy stay excited so that he can make his audience enjoy his hilarious way of commentary in an Irish accent.


An English Youtuber named Daniel Middleton is known as DanTDM on YouTube. His channel has evolved; first, his channel name was The Diamond Minecraft hence TDM. He used to play mostly Minecraft and his target audience has minors from age 6 to 10. His videos mostly focus on different MODS in Minecraft. After a while, he changed his channel name to DanTDM because he started to focus on other games as well. This guy also possesses the world record in Rocket League for most goals scored in a single match.

The Game Theorists

The man behind this great channel, Matthew Patrick, is more interested in the cultural and educational aspects of video games. As the channel's name implies, their videos frequently have multiple hosts discussing various areas of gaming. Matthew Patrick's Channel on YouTube has more than 10 million subscribers despite his unconventional approach to gaming videos. The Game Theorists have been on YouTube since 2009, so from the very start!

Game Theory, which he defines as "the smartest show in gaming," is one of his main video series. Keep an eye out for your favorite video games, come to watch his videos, spend your time, but leave with knowledge.


Patrick Brown, the man behind the PopularMMOs channel, is one of the most popular gaming YouTubers, with over 14 million subscribers and a net worth of almost $7 million. Since its beginning in 2012, This channel also focusses on Minecraft more than other games. They have a lot of Minecraft videos in which they make challenges with various Minecraft MODS.

Their channel no longer only focuses on video games though. But fans and newcomers alike will be thrilled to find out about their recent videos.


Tom CassTom Cassel is the guy who runs this channel. He started it by playing Halo and COD. He is mostly known for his COD: Black OPS Zombies series. Tom also has a Minecraft series which he calls “The Minecraft Project.” His channel focuses on first-person shooter games. He also makes reaction videos, and he makes Vlogs while he is out on adventures. This is a splendid example of how to balance your life and some people can learn from it.

You will not only be finding quality action gameplay on his channel. Real-life vlogs are a welcome addition to his content.


Tiffany Herrera, nicknamed IHasCupQuake, is our female gamer. Tiffany is a gamer and a cosplayer, and she makes videos in both genres. Since 2010, Tiffany has been uploading videos to YouTube. She makes a variety of videos, only a few of them are related to gaming. Most games that she plays are The Sims, Five Nights at Freddie’s, Amnesia, which are among her gaming videos.

If you want to watch cute YouTube shorts, sprinkled in with video game content, then iHasCupQuake is where you should be.


Harry Lewis runs this channel, a 22-year-old boy. His channel is based on FIFA 18 gameplays and commentary. Most of the videos he uploads are him commentating on FIFA games. He also has an alternative channel “W2Splays” in which he plays games other than football. Harry wears a blue jumper in every video. He is also known for his rage during his gaming sessions. It is just fun to watch a gamer when he is in rage, watch out for his channel.

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