5 Ways to Improve Your Online Security and Privacy

Last updated: 2022/07/13
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VPNs are a blessing in disguise in this age and era. VPN or Virtual Private Network is a great tool to help you create a proper, secure network connection to another network. It provides a safe and clever way to keep your browsing private, avoid hackers while sharing personal data, and also access websites that are only regionally available. VPN privacy is highly appreciated and frequently used by tech geeks on a daily basis as they make use of public WiFis a lot.

Nowadays, every person has VPN downloaded onto their laptops or computers and even mobile phones. Sometimes, your VPN may not work as fast or efficiently as you may want it to. To avoid such unfortunate and stressful times, we have formulated 5 of the sexiest ways to improve your VPN for PC version. Take a look and find your best fit:

Trying out a different VPN server

It is an obvious rule, that if you choose a server location that is geographically further away from you, your internet will be extremely slow and would have multiple glitches. To avoid such a situation, try choosing a server location that is closer to your home country. There is always a wide variety of options available for you to choose from. If, after changing the server location, VPN Windows still is not working up to par, then it is most likely that there is a system overload due to the high demand of the server. It is a trial and error process, where you have to keep trying out different servers and see which one works best for you and your computer.

Play with your protocol settings

Many VPNs come with a wider range of settings for enhanced security. This can affect the speed but provide you with the ultimate VPN privacy. However, you can definitely play around with your advanced protocol settings and choose a UDP that provides a speedier network connection. Do remember, by doing so, you are taking the risk of making your server more vulnerable to attacks or instability. Different VPNs have various settings. Hence, you have to try out a few VPNs before choosing the one which fits your requirements best.

Try a different VPN software

At times, your VPN provider’s client software comes with pre-configured settings. This can cause existing software to interrupt and disturb the software on your device. These pre-configured settings may not be well suited for your device. Hence, opting to try out a new kind of software package can definitely help you improve your VPN PC Version.

Different operating systems like Apple, Microsoft Windows, Android, etc., have unique protocols. And you should use a VPN software package that works well with your device’s operating system because all software is not built to configure and suit all types of operating systems. Your VPN provider may be able to better guide you regarding switching your software.

Split tunneling is the smart choice

When your internet usage is creating an excessive load on your VPN for the PC version, an ideal way to manage this situation is by enabling the option to split tunnel your network connection. This allows you to be able to differentiate and divide your traffic into two categories, one part which works over the VPN connection and the other unencrypted part which can make use of your regular, normal internet connection.

This is a smart way to make your VPN connection run faster and is often available with most VPN service providers. By enabling split tunneling, you can keep using your high bandwidth applications without worrying about breaking network connectivity issues.

Get a better internet service

Last but not least, your core problem might be your poor internet service. When all measures mentioned above fail, either you reboot your system or think about getting a better internet service provider. This might be the only way left to improve your VPN connection.

Try to disconnect your VPN and run a speed test of your regular internet. If the performance results are below average, there is your actual problem while your VPN is basically perfectly fine. Either you can start by resetting your internet modem or find a better connection, whatever floats your boat.

These are some of the highly useful tips and tricks that can help you fix your VPN connectivity issues. Usually, finding the right server location solves the majority of the problems for most people. If that does not work, try configuring your protocol settings. VPN privacy is important but so is speed and the key to improved performance is to find the right balance by experimenting with your settings. Split tunneling is another great way to help improve your VPN connection. And if all else fails, maybe think about switching your internet connection as that might be the root of all your network connectivity issues.

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