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Last updated: 2024/04/02
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Easter is a day to fan the ashes of dead hope, a day top banish doubts and seek the slopes where the sun is rising. In this festival that is full of joy and represents spring, rebirth and hope, VPN Proxy Master has prepared a special Easter gift for you: an amazing discount of 59% OFF + 3 MONTHS FREE.

Getting VPN Proxy Master on Easter, it will:Guard your data for a secure new life

In the big data era, cyberspace teems with personal info, but cyber threats loom large due to advancing technology and sophisticated data theft. Issues like credential theft and ISP tracking constantly endanger our info security. Easter, symbolizing rebirth and hope, reminds us to embark on a "journey of rebirth" for our data. VPN Proxy Master, a professional privacy guard, frees professionals to roam the digital world securely, simplifying online security and privacy:

1.AES 256-bit Encryption

VPN Proxy Master employs the industry's top-notch encryption, AES 256-bit, ensuring your data remains impregnable and secure, shielded by the same level of encryption trusted by banks. Our VPN securely reroutes your internet traffic through a secure tunnel and cloaks your online identity by concealing your IP address.

2.DDoS & DNS Leak Protection

We provide robust and thoroughly encrypted servers, offering comprehensive safeguards against DDoS attacks, ensuring a seamless online experience. Additionally, our VPN ensures complete DNS protection with fully encrypted traffic, safeguarding your data both to and from the VPN server.

3.Auto Kill Switch

The Kill Switch is a cutting-edge privacy feature, meticulously designed to instantly sever internet access if any alterations are detected in your connection status, such as a change in IP address. This ensures your privacy remains intact even in unexpected situations.

4.Strict No-Logs Policy

Logs can potentially reveal your real IP address and the websites you visit. With VPN Proxy Master, we adhere strictly to our privacy policy. We never track, collect, or share your personal data with any third parties, regardless of the situation.

5.Enhanced Security for Public Wi-Fi

Safeguard your transactions and online activities when using public Wi-Fi hotspots for social media or business transactions. VPN Proxy Master ensures a safer, more secure connection, protecting your data from any potential threats.

Enjoy great content across IP address limitations:

With more than 6,000 servers covering more than 50 countries and regions, VPN Proxy Master provides a stable and fast connection, enabling you to easily access global websites and services. During Easter, you can try to play exciting games from different countries and unlock exciting content from the world's streaming ocean.

Experience professional service at a great price:

Our professional services, moreover, are presented at competitive prices, so that you can enjoy a high-quality experience without worrying about high costs.VPN Proxy Master has prepared a special Easter gift for you: Get Extra 3 Months Free + 59% Off on a 1-Year Plan to make your journey to the digital world more exciting, secure and convenient.

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