What is email spam? How to avoid it?

Last updated: 2022/04/13
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Email spam is not a new thing. It is also known as junk email, which is an unwanted email sent by spammers to lure an individual into financial fraud. Usually, spam email is sent in a bulk amount to a large number of people in order to increase the chances of spam. Another critical aspect of spam email is the existence of the sender. Most of the time, junk emails are sent by a botnet— an infected malware created and controlled by a single attacking unit. 

Scammers can send multiple types of junk emails to achieve their illicit objectives. The junk emails could be commercial advertisements, antivirus warnings, money scams, sweepstakes, winners, work from home jobs, adult content, etc. Such types of scams can easily be prevented by acting smart and never sharing your email address. Another effective method to prevent email spam is to use VPN Proxy Master, which provides ultimate cybersecurity.

What is Email Spam?

Email spam is one of the financial frauds in the world. In this spam, a junk email is sent to an individual in order to attain their personal data for financial objectives. Mostly spam emails are sent in a bulk amount to a large number of recipients list. These junk emails are not always sent by a person but can also be sent through a network of computers in the form of spambots. Spam emails can also be used to send malicious content to gain control of your computer. 

The history of email goes back to the early days of the 1990s. From then onward, email started getting popular. At the same time, spam email also started making an impact. According to a survey conducted by the propeller, almost 45% of emails are consist of junk emails that include scams, irrelevant messages, adult content, etc. 

Though no one likes spam email, you cannot do much about it. It is an unavoidable side effect of utilizing email communication. Junk emails are not only annoying, but they can also have destructive outcomes. It is because spam emails can choke your email inboxes if not handled properly and also not deleted on a regular basis. The only objective of an email scam is to get the personal information of a person such as bank details, credit card number, identity card number, social security number, and much more. 

How to Detect Email Spam?

With the advent of technology and an increase in bot trends, spam emails have also become tremendously popular. Often, junk emails are sent for advertisement purposes. But many people consider this an unethical act and should be declared illegal. Businesses use spam emails for marketing purposes because the cost per email is extremely low. Technological advancements have changed the marketing landscape still email marketing holds its own importance in today’s world.

Email spam has become a common financial fraud today. It is one of the phishing techniques to conduct illicit activities. Despite various efforts to spread awareness among the masses, many people still fall for this scam. Why do people fall for this scam? This is an important question which has a very interesting fact. Scammers send junk emails from a legitimate source which hides their identity. So, it is really hard to find a difference between fake and real email addresses. 

Other popular ways of scammers to hide their identity are fake email addresses, fake display names, and fake sending addresses. Email spam may seem like a minor problem, but when the scammers succeed in their work, things can get out of hand. They now have their hands on sensitive personal data. Therefore, it is crucial to understand some key points to identify the differences between a real and fake email. 

Look for an email address

The first clue to identifying spam email is to check the email address. Most organizations have their own domain, which means that any email that ends with @gmail.com is fake. The best way to look for a company’s domain is to search the name into a search engine. Most people don’t even bother to check the email address from where the email has come from. Many scammers develop their bogus email addresses in which they can choose the display name that is different from the actual email address. 

Look for a domain name 

The second clue to identity email spam is to check the domain name, which often is misspelled. Although, this trick is a little bit more complicated than the first method. It is because anyone can purchase a domain name from the buying source. So, you need to be careful every time you receive an email from an unknown source. 

Look for a poorly written email

The third clue to identify email spam is to check the poorly written email. It is an easier way to check fake email than other methods. It is because you can easily find grammar and spelling mistakes in the email’s content. 

How to Block Email Spam?

After you know how to identify email spam, the next step is blocking and prevention. All the information discussed in the article, we can say that spam email is a one-directional attempt to steal your personal information. Therefore, these scammers can easily be stopped and prevented by following a few tricks. One of the effective techniques is never sharing your email address over the internet. 

The first trick is obvious, do not open any links in the spam email. These spam emails are not trustworthy due to their illegitimate source. Don’t ever buy any stuff on any link within these spam emails. By following this technique, you may save yourself from getting involved in financial fraud. 

Always check email’s header

There is an option in Gmail on the right side that says “view source” or “show original” or “view header.” By checking the email’s header,  you can find the legitimacy of the email. Always check the header. If it has the same domain name and address, then it will be an authentic email. 

Create the complex email address

It is another technique to prevent email spam. Always create a complex email address that has a combination of letters and numbers. Email address can be acquired easily if it is simple, but a complex email address has less chance of getting noticed. 

Always have a backup email address

The last trick is to create a backup email address that comes in handy if something goes south. Also, make separate email addresses for educational, professional, and personal purposes. 

Use VPN Proxy Master for Cybersecurity

In all of the tricks mentioned before, VPN Proxy Master is a more effective tool to prevent email spam and other spams. VPN helps in hiding your real IP address while browsing any website. With your hidden IP address, you can access any email and browse the internet without any fear of being tracked by a bot or someone else. 

Apart from providing ultimate cybersecurity while browsing the internet, VPN also gives access to websites beyond geo-restrictions. For example, accessing Korean Netflix while sitting in your home country. Data transmission also gets a lot secure and easier with the help of a VPN. 


Email spam is just like any other fraud scheme in the world. The only difference is the nature of the content. Spam email is the junk email that is an illicit email sent by a scammer to gain access to a person’s personal information.

 You can detect spam emails by following various useful techniques such as checking email addresses, domain names, and poorly written emails. In the same way, you can prevent email scams by playing smart and downloading a VPN. To protect yourself and your data from malicious players on the internet, subscribe to VPN Proxy Master.

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