February 25, 2022

What is the Incognito Mode? Is it safe?

February 25, 2022
What is the Incognito Mode? Is it safe?

On several occasions, you may have come across pesky ads while surfing the internet. Normally, they show you discount deals on the things you’ve searched or sites you’ve visited. This is indeed, but have you ever wondered how these ads specifically target your interests? It’s because your browser stores your internet activity and uses it […]

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On several occasions, you may have come across pesky ads while surfing the internet. Normally, they show you discount deals on the things you’ve searched or sites you’ve visited. This is indeed, but have you ever wondered how these ads specifically target your interests? It’s because your browser stores your internet activity and uses it to show you ads that might interest you. 

It’s sad that your browser sells you out to big corporations for money. However, you can take charge of how your browser collects data. Browsers have a built-in Incognito Mode, a powerful tool you can use to protect your privacy over the internet. Another measure you can take is to use VPN Proxy Master, a premium service to encrypt your data and mask your IP address that allows you to surf the internet anonymously. 

What is the Incognito Mode?

Incognito Mode is a feature that prevents your browser from tracking your internet activities and storing browsing history that can lead to privacy issues. While using a regular browser window, all URLs of websites you visit will be stored even after you close the tab. You can easily go back to these pages later without spending time to search them again. 

Cookies are also stored in your browser, which are small text files that save site login details and collect information regarding the pages you visit. Websites also use cookies to create customized web pages with tailored ads to the user’s online interest. Your browsing history can also give you away if you buy a gift for someone with whom you share your computer. 

While using Incognito Mode, your browser will not keep a copy of your browsing and block websites from uploading cookies to your computer. All major browsers offer private browsing. Here are some of them: 

Google Chrome 

Your browsing history, cookies, or any site data will be saved by Google Chrome while using the Incognito Mode. While Google Chrome is open, press Ctrl + Shift + N, and an Incognito window will pop up.

Microsoft Edge 

The InPrivate browsing window in Microsoft Edge is similar to Chrome. However, it will also disable toolbars and extensions. While Microsoft Edge is open, press Ctrl + Shift + P to launch InPrivate browsing window. 

Mozilla Firefox 

Mozilla has labeled Incognito mode as Private Browsing on their browser while providing additional tracking protection to their users. To launch a Private Browsing session, press the Ctrl + Shift + P shortcut and a window with a purple mask icon will appear. 

Apple Safari 

Safari features a Private window, which does not save any browsing history, data, or cookies while surfing. You can open a Private window, by clicking File, and then New Private Window. 

The biggest advantage that Incognito Mode brings to the table is its ability to initiate multiple sessions. You can launch an Incognito window and sign in to your work account without having to sign out from your personal account. If needed, you can use both of your accounts at once. Similarly, you can also open an Incognito window for your friend who wants to borrow your computer. They can log in to their accounts without having to sign you out. 

What does the incognito mode hide?

Here are four things that Incognito Mode hides: 


Cookies were designed to create a tailored and relevant browsing session for the user. However, websites can follow you around the internet by tracking your cookies. They also use your online activity to create a profile to target you with personalized ads. While surfing, the Incognito Mode will delete these cookies to keep your personal preferences secured as you log out. 

Browsing History 

If you ever find yourself using a public computer to check an email, the computer will store your credentials and viewing history. Even if you’re sharing a computer with your family, anyone can view your history and see what you’ve been doing over the internet. The Incognito Mode will not store your internet history, keeping the websites you visit hidden from other users. 


Since no cookies are stored on your device, websites are unable to track your online activity to send you targeted ads and suggestions. However, you should take special care and not log in to an account. Various websites track their users through their accounts to create a tailored advertising profile. 

Hosting a Guest 

Incognito Mode is a good way to host a guest who wants to use your computer to run a quick errand. Your guest will surf the internet with a clean slate, without any access to your logged-in accounts or autofill webforms that contain your saved data. At the same time, your guest will also be comfortable as what they open on your laptop will not be stored, and you will not be able to view it later. 

Incognito Mode also allows you to switch between a personalized version of your browser to a neutral browser. While researching, neutral results need to be used to make arguments. You can’t make an impaired judgment as your browser will show you results specifically tailored to your search history. 

How to hide everything you do online?

Incognito Mode is a great feature, but it has limitations. Therefore, there is no need to assume that your browser is completely private due to the following reasons: 

You will lose your anonymity after logging in to any website

Incognito Mode only keeps you anonymous till you decide to log in to any website. Just like Google can still track you if you log in to your Gmail account while using the Incognito Mode. In 2020, Google came under fire due to its practice of tracking users. 

Your location is still exposed

As you visit sites, your ISP will immediately provide your IP address to the site, which can be used to track your location. Even when you’re using an Incognito Mode, your location is exposed, and potential hackers can locate you. 

Your ISP can still view your browsing history

Since your internet traffic passes through your ISP, all of the websites you visit through an Incognito Mode will still be viewed by your ISP. Therefore, your ISP can track all of your movements regardless of your browser window.

Digital fingerprinting is a thing

Your device is fully capable of sharing its system information and operating system to websites as an alternative to third-party cookies. This information is useful to improve your browsing experience, but websites can abuse this information, and the Incognito Mode is incapable of securing your information. 

You are still exposed to malware and viruses

Although the Incognito Mode blocks cookies and filters website data during your browsing session. It will not check or delete files you download from the internet. Applications can be easily infected with malicious software, and you can download them without knowledge. 

Use a VPN for anonymity and cybersecurity

A Virtual Private Network is a tool to hide your real IP address from websites you visit by assigning you another IP address. It’s a wise option when it comes to using an untrusted network to send an urgent email to your employer or friends. Keep in mind that your internet activity will be visible to your VPN provider instead of your ISP. Therefore, it’s essential to select a premium VPN service that does not track your movements. 


Big corporations and advertisers pay a heavy amount of money to acquire your information from cookies to generate tailored ads. Incognito Mode in browsers is a great option to maintain your privacy over the internet as it blocks cookies and does not store any browsing history. 

To be fully anonymous, you need to activate a premium VPN service that masks your IP address and encrypts your traffic. A VPN also hides your browsing from your ISP and hackers to keep you safe and anonymous. For all these reasons, subscribe to VPN Proxy Master today and enjoy your online freedom. It caters to over 6,000 servers in more than 60 countries. 

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