February 16, 2022

Can your school track your internet activity?

February 16, 2022
Can your school track your internet activity?

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, many schools choose online learning as the main learning method. The use of Zoom courses skyrockted. What's more, institutions are doing their best to maintain order for their students. Some schools erected Wi-Fi to help their students and staff carry out research and help them in teaching. Even […]

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Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, many schools choose online learning as the main learning method. The use of Zoom courses skyrockted. What's more, institutions are doing their best to maintain order for their students. Some schools erected Wi-Fi to help their students and staff carry out research and help them in teaching.

Even if a student is beginning high school or preparing to enter university, it is likely that their time in class, whether online or in person, is being tracked by institutions. A wide variety of tools allow managers for tracking their employees' internet activities, including WiFi usage and biometric scanners.

It's undeniable to say that digital devices dominate the lives of the majority of college students. This has the unfortunate side effect of allowing schools to follow the digital footprints of every user.

Here, we'll explore the solution and what you can do about it. We'll also show you how to set up a virtual private network. With a reliable VPN, your school can't see what you're doing online. It's time to explore what kinds of information.

What Your School is Tracking About You

Your Online Activity

Is it possible for your school to monitor your phone activities? Is it possible for your school to track your email and chat history? Unfortuantely, the answer is YES. That is, your school is capable to track or monitor your online activity.

How do they track your online activity? To keep track of where you've been online, your school uses Wi-Fi to keep tabs on both your phone and laptop. That is to say, your schools can see what you are browsing if these sites didn't use HTTPS on their domain system. What's more, with some advanced monitor system, they can even check your chat history.

Schools also use classroom management software on your school laptops to keep track of your activity. For instance, how and where your students are using their computers and the internet. Proctoring apps in schools to "monitor" pupils as they complete assignments or take examinations are extremely common since the pandemic outbreak.

What's more, many universities have email systems hosted by the school itself. That is, it means that your school can monitor all communication via email.

Your Location

Using Wi-Fi, your school can learn where you are in addition to the websites you browse. School administrations may track student movements throughout campus using Wi-Fi-connected phones in nations like Australia. What's more, colleges or universities can even reveal the particular room where geo-spatial locations of students.

Universities presently utilize software to track students in general. Still, it's feasible that the technology may grow to identify particular students' activities. For instance, they can check how much time you spend off-campus and calculating your grades accordingly.

Assuming there are CCTV cameras on campus, the institution is able to track your whereabouts at all times. It is quite intrusive, to say the very least.

Videos and Audio

When students are at school, personal data contains photographs, videos, and audio recordings of themselves. By using the personal data, they can identify pupils by comparing the situation between the gathered data and the stored data in the system.

Your Device Application Data

School can even track down some erased items by using some intrusive software. That is, it can keep track of anything you do on your device. Your online actions on the internet, the material you post on your social media accounts, and any conversations sent through a chat application are all included by this data collection. Additionally, some cybercriminals may record the name and password associated with your account if you log into your account on some websites using your username and password.

Can Your School Regulate What You Can Do Online?

We had found out that your school can track and know the sites you visit and what you do. The schools thus can block certain websites and contents so that you cannot access them.

Blocking online content is based on the guiding philosophy of “Blocking what learners shouldn’t see.” As a result, schools restrict students' access to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

Freedom and privacy are just as important as safety. But they’re not mutually exclusive. As a result, you might have questioned if the schools are compromising your right to think critically for the sake of security.

Are you willing to give up everything to have a false sense of security from having your internet actions watched and censored? The good news is that you can do something about it if that's the case.

The Dangers of Using School WiFi

To protect ourselves and our children while using WiFi at school, we must ensure that we are not at risk. While schools would be ideal for a safe WiFi network, this isn't always the case. As a result of restricted school finances and the high cost of high-quality, secure WiFi networks, students' safety may be put at risk.

It’s also important to consider how tech-savvy our current crop of digital natives is. A potential attack on their school’s WiFi network by one of them should likewise not be discounted!

Regarding Wi-Fi network security, rigorous access controls are the most important factor. It is more protected than public WiFi if only permitted devices and users can connect using a secure login. However, if it is accessible to the general public or easily accessed, you should classify it as public WiFi.

On the other hand, public WiFi is as dangerous as a roll of the dice, and an unencrypted school WiFi network is just as risky.

Your privacy is jeopardized if you’re sharing a WiFi network with tens of thousands of other people. There is a chance that one of these people will eavesdrop on your communications and steal your private information.

This puts students and faculty in danger getting phishing emails, falling victim to a ransomware attack, or having their personal information stolen when they utilize an unprotected WiFi network. Also, a Denial of Service Attack (DDoS) might bring down the entire school's activities and force it to close.

How to Circumvent blocking when using School WiFi?

Do you want to ensure that the privacy and security of your online data are ensured while using your school WiFi? The good news is that there are numerous options available to students who want to prevent their lecturers from monitoring their internet and phone usage. Changing your browser to incognito mode, while convenient, isn't what we're talking about.

An excellent VPN service like VPN Proxy Master is the easiest and most effective option. With this method, your data is encrypted and sent through a server in another place. As a result, the school has no idea what you're up to as they can only observe encrypted traffic to an unknown source.

Using a VPN for school WiFi isn't just about protecting your online privacy. Also, it protects your device from being tracked. By rerouting your link to an external server, it is possible to access otherwise inaccessible websites and apps.

To get started with VPN Proxy Master, there are only a few basic steps that any student can follow:

1. Install VPN Proxy Master on your computer or mobile device.

2. Open the app and select the Browse Privately and Securely shortcut from the drop-down menu.

3. That’s all there is to it! Every step of your online trip is secure and private.


Even as a student, it is clear that your privacy and security are what you are craving for. That's why you need VPN Proxy Master for cybersecurity.

Never let your data and freedom online be restricted because of school WiFi. Data Bundles are often expensive, and we mostly depend on the Wi-Fi provided to us by the school to do the massive assignments or carry out our school research. However, we should also not be limited in doing online.

For that reason, Subscribe to VPN Proxy Master today and enjoy your freedom online. VPN Proxy Master has over 6000 servers in 60 different countries, which ensures that your school cannot exactly know where you are. Consequently, there can never be any content blocked from you.

VPN Proxy Master is also encrypted using high-level security to ensure that your data is safe. Even when you connect to the school WiFi, nobody can trace your login details and passwords to use them for malicious purposes.

It's about time to subscribe the best-in-class VPN proxy for your digital privacy. VPN Proxy Master is available on Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Google Chrome, Smart TVs, and more. Subscribe to

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