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Last updated: 2022/06/17
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Considering its popularity, it is not strange that most people may have used or at least heard of a VPN. Maybe you have used it to watch the latest episode of The Witcher or Stranger Things, or maybe the sequel of ‘To All The Boys’ this Valentine’s (we’re not judging). While a VPN can change your IP to virtually relocate your device to someplace else, allowing you to gain access to that area’s privileges, there are various other things that you can get out of it.

For instance, did you know that you can save money while shopping online through a VPN?

It’s true!

While companies charge you higher amounts if you belong to a higher-income area or if you have searched for that particular item several times, you can make your way around it and relieve yourself of the raised prices. This blog explains some of the details regarding how companies charge you higher amounts and how you can use VPN features to eliminate that.

How Online Retailers Charge You

Those annoying ‘Cookies Policy’ pop-ups aren’t just to ensure retailers send you targeted ads, they are also a way for them to determine how much they can charge for their services.

In this regard, online retailers may charge for their products and services based on your location and your behavior online (your history). For example, if you search for an item online several times, you may observe that the price has increased in subsequent searches.

Moreover, people from stronger economies may be charged more for the same services than their weaker counterparts. Retailers may also charge more from people they believe will be willing to pay for the product or service. A typical example here is the abundant content American subscribers available on Netflix as compared to people from other countries for the same price. This concept, known as ‘Price Discrimination’ has been around for some time and is used by sellers all over the world to have their customers pay the maximum amount they can for a service or product.

There are a number of ways retailers can track your location and behavior online. These are cookies (of course), your IP address (your unique address online), your WiFi (some websites can track you from your WiFi), and the GPS on your smartphone. Now, this is where VPN comes in! One of the VPN features is to bypass geo-location to give you a different IP than your original one. Just keep reading to find out where you can save money using it.

Ways You Can Save Money Through VPN

Get The Best Deals While Shopping Online

One of the greatest luxuries the Internet has bestowed upon us is to shop from retailers all across the world from the comfort of our homes. While it is indeed a comfort, however, some retailers may increase their rates if they find out that we belong to a stable economy, or if they believe we will be willing to pay a higher price for their product or service.

A VPN service such as the VPN Proxy Master can change your IP address to make you appear from a country where prices may be low as compared to your own and save you from wasting valuable cash!

Stream Top-Rated Content From Across The World Without Paying A Fortune

There are various streaming websites such as Netflix that geo-block users from certain areas. However, there are VPN services that can bypass geo-location and get access to quality content without paying a fortune. Websites that block various countries based on their policies include Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, Hotstar, Youku, BBC iPlayer, etc.

However, bypassing geolocation to access content is regarded as a gray area in terms of legal issues. Whether or not your country identifies bypassing geolocation as legal is dependent on its policies.

Watch Your Favorite Sporting Events Live

Are you excited about Wimbledon 2022 and want to stream it live? Well, now you can!

VPN allows you to live stream various sporting events that may otherwise be time-restricted in your area and cut off transmission once the time is up. Now you can stream various live sporting events like Wimbledon, Olympics, PGA Championships, etc. through a VPN.

Get Cheaper Airfares With VPN

Ever thought about booking tickets from a VPN to get cheaper deals? You definitely should! The same concept mentioned above applies here as well. You change your IP to that of a location in a weaker economy and get cheaper deals on airfares. Moreover, if you were to book tickets from the country of origin of a particular flight, you can avail of inexpensive deals easily.

Cheaper Deals On Cars And Hotels With VPN

Are you visiting a foreign land and want to cut down on your expenses? Try VPN!

It is widely known that hotels and car rentals work on dynamic pricing strategies or price discrimination and can charge foreigners far more than they charge locals for their services. You can take advantage of a VPN and change your IP to that of the local area and save hundreds of dollars on your stay.


VPN is a powerful tool that anyone can use for streaming one of the best online content. However, what many people don’t know is that they can save money through it as well. By using a Virtual Private Network you can get the hottest deals on shopping, stream online content without paying more, watch live sporting events, buy cheaper flights and avail of inexpensive hotel and car rental deals.

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