Why millennials should consider using a VPN


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Our smartphones, tablets and computers are part of our everyday life, if something becomes broken, we feel like our right arm is missing. We can’t seem to live without our technology it’s become part of us.

For most of us our whole lives are stored on our devices. Personal pictures, private messages from friends and family, banking and other financial details as well as all sorts of other private confidential information that we don’t want anyone else having access to.

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Did you know that two-thirds of all millennials (ages 18-34) spend 3 or more hours on the internet on a daily basis, and 54% use social media for personal reasons several times a day. Studies also show that both older and younger millennials use social media equally as often and it’s the older millennials that seem to value social media interactions more than the younger generation, quite surprising!

It’s quite shocking to discover that although they spend so much time on the Internet they still don’t care as much as they should about their safety while being online.

Not only are millennials the most in touch with what’s going on both in the world and online, they also know and fully understand the risks of cyberattacks and how serious they can be but yet they still don’t protect themselves.

It’s clear that very few are using a VPN to protect themselves. In 2013, 66% of millennials were connecting to public WiFi without any online protection, however it has now risen to a shocking 77% which means the majority are at risk of their personal data being accessed.

Absolutely everything they do online is out there for the world to see, regardless of whether they are surfing the net, purchasing goods online, or accessing their financial information, it can be seen by anyone who is connected to the same network.

Cyber attacks are becoming much more frequent, a VPN will encrypt all of your personal data, meaning if you are connected to a WiFi hotspot it cannot be intercepted by others. Complete protection from hackers who are out to steal your information and access personal information.

Why not install VPN Proxy Master? It’s very easy to use, you can use it to connect to the internet via proxy servers, all of your browsing will be secure and safe, therefore you won’t be leaving a trace of your online activity for everyone to access.

Wouldn’t you like to have peace of mind that no matter what you doing online, your completely protected at all times. It doesn’t matter whether you have an iOS device, android or a Mac you will be able to use VPN Proxy Master to protect yourself. It seems to be the most popular choice for people with these devices.

It completely baffles me that millennials know the risks of not having a VPN installed on their device, they know how to protect themselves but they don’t seem to be taking action. It’s a scary world we live in, advertisers and basically, anyone else can track all of your movements between different websites and can discover your location by accessing your IP address.

Using a VPN

Millennials have to start considering using a VPN it’s so essential. Would you walk up to a complete stranger in the street and hand them your bank details? I don’t believe that’s something that anyone in this world would be so foolish to do, so why aren’t you protecting yourself online because the risk is just as dangerous if not more so.

The older and younger millennials react very differently when it comes to security issues. It seems to be that the older millennials were the ones more likely to report experiencing problems with security online. Although the younger ones are well up to date with the risks of not being protected, they still put themselves at risk by not having a VPN. Installing one is as easy as one, two three!

Millennials! install a VPN and protect yourselves now, don’t be naive to think it won’t happen to you because everyone without a VPN is at risk of having their information accessed.

Installing a VPN is quick and easy so there really is no excuse to not have one.

Once you have decided on a VPN, download the app and sign up by entering your log in information, this will of course be your username and password which can be anything you like. You may find that some companies do in fact assign you a specific username which will be completely different from your billing credentials as they want to provide all of their customers with more privacy.

Once you have followed these simple steps you will then find that your VPN app will automatically connect to the server closest to your location, this is to ensure better speeds while using the VPN. It’s really that simple, your now ready to start surfing the web without having to worry as all of your information is now being securely tunnelled to the VPN server.

All you Millennials, nobody in their right mind would skydive without a parachute or ride on a motorcycle without a helmet so don’t be as reckless and surf the web without being protected, a VPN is your parachute, it is your helmet, it’s your safety net.

Having a VPN means you can benefit from a large variety of features such as enhanced Wi-Fi security, website unblocking, access to video streaming anywhere in the world and hidden identity or anonymity.

Not only does a VPN protect you, it also allows you to watch all of your favourite movies and shows no matter where you are. If your jetting off anytime soon wouldn’t you like to continue watching your favourite series? A VPN is the way to go, With all of the benefits of having one it would be insane not to join in with the rest of us and install one now!